Friday, December 23, 2005

LOTS going on as 2005 draws to a close

It's been a long time since my last post (as usual)...but I have a legitimate excuse! I've been BUSY! How so? Let me tell you all about it....

First off, the custody battle is over. In a nutshell, I WON! But as the fly on the wall saw it, it wasn't quite that cut and dried. Let me explain. For the past 18 months, I've been waiting and preparing diligently for my day in court when I would be able to lay out all of my ex-wife's shortcomings when it comes to the kids. I prepped witnesses, I paid attorneys, I made phone calls, I lost sleep. Then, December 12, 2005, finally arrives. My day in court. I show up with 7 witnesses in tow, all prepared to honestly give their opinion about my paternal abilities as well as my level of responsibility and concern when it comes to my kids. The kids were almost vibrating they were so ready for this day. They had been waiting a LONG time to have their say about what they wanted to do with their lives, and they were ready.

So, 9:00am comes and goes. My attorney is there. Her attorney is there (mostly). And yes, she is there. We don't speak a word. There is no need. We're not here to speak. The time to speak was gone a long time ago. And it was an indication of where this whole thing was going. No speaking...only negotiations between attorneys. Her attorney makes an offer. We reject. The offer is modified. We counter-offer. She gives another offer. We condition the offer. They accept. We accept. Case closed. We never said a word to each other. She made sure that my high-priced attorney squeezed out every dollar from my bank account that she could before giving in. But so much the better. Chances are, this could have gotten ugly, and we likely would have won anyway. I'm just glad it's over.

So now I get to move. Not soon--NOW. I've got a place in Greenbrier, and I'll be moving next week WITH the kids! By the time school starts in January, they'll be settled in with dear ol' Dad, and I'll be settled into the Dad groove. Leslie will stay back in Little Rock holding down the fort until that house sells. We'll 'move' each weekend back to Little Rock so we'll all get some family time, but then it's back to Greenbrier for school during the week. Hopefully, once the remodeling is done on the house it will sell. It's been a long, long wait, and we're ready to get on with our life elsewhere.

And if that wasn't enough, I've been so busy at work that I can't tell you which way is up. I love my job, and I love to work, but I also like a little "me" time. That, too, shall come very soon. I get to be a soccer dad, a chauffeur, a best friend, a confidant, a housewife, a rabid football fan, a radical basketball fan, and most of all...a Dad. I can't wait for that chapter to begin. 2006 is going to be my best year ever.

OK, I've said enough now. We just got done with Christmas #2 tonight after having Christmas #1 last Wednesday night...Christmas #3 comes tomorrow, and Christmas #4 is Sunday. Then there's Christmas #5 on Wednesday next week when my mom and stepdad get into town. Can you say "holiday burnout"? Oh,'s great to have that much family to celebrate with. And for that, I am very thankful.

Merry Christmas to everyone, and I hope your new year shows as much promise and prosperity as mine. For once, I look forward to next year. I likely won't post again before 2006 comes along, so make it good! Until next time...and next year....

Sunday, October 16, 2005

What happens in Las Vegas...

Once again, its been a long time since my last post, so I figured I would use my time this Sunday since the Colts are not playing until tomorrow night. There has been a lot going on, but I've just been so damn busy that I haven't had time to get anything done!

Leslie and I took a vacation to Las Vegas the last week of September, and it turned out to be much more than either of us expected. We had a 'freebie' that we decided to use, and our trip just so happened to coincide with my mom and step-dad's trip to Las Vegas. If it's true that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...then what I'm about to say never happened!

We arrived on a fine Saturday evening, and discovered that, not only were there 4 major conventions in town, there was also a NASCAR truck race in town--so hotel rooms were at a premium. We had reservations for Sunday-Tuesday, but air fares were 1/4 of the cost when we flew out on Saturday, so we headed out on a wing and a prayer. We ended up with a room in the La Quinta Inn, which was just about the last room in town under $1000 a night. Once Sunday arrived, we headed out to Circus Circus.

Monday morning brought about the purpose for our visit. We toured a not-yet-completed vacation complex called Tahiti Village, which contained dozens of 5-star condo-style rooms, one of which we were contemplating putting our name on. This 27-acre complex is right on The Strip, and it has all the amenities of any 5-star hotel, and then some. We took our tour, listened to the stories, and decided to make our purchase. We bought into the Moorea, a 580 sq. ft. suite...and this thing is GREAT! Fully furnished, all the way down to dishes and silverware. All you have to bring is clothes. They even provide toothpaste and the soap! We can use it anytime we want, or we can sublet it out for $$. It's a win-win situation!

Come Monday night, we toured Las Vegas, catching a couple of shows and visiting the sites along The Strip. The development along The Strip is unbelievable, as colossal hotels dominate the horizon--The Wynn, The Bellagio, The MGM...they're just indescribable until you actually stand next to them. We got to partake of the buffet at The Riviera, then a show, then a little gambling (it is Las Vegas, ya know!). I clear enough cash playing blackjack to pay for half of our airfare that night while my lovely bride plays nickel slots all night long.

Tuesday brings a buzz of business. We awaken and begin to tour the city, riding around with my parents in the convertible, taking in the sites and sounds of the city. We do some more gambling, and I take in a few more dollars to make things feel even better. We have breakfast at my parents' favorite little casino/restaurant, and then it's off to see the sites. The women folk have to do some shopping for the renewal of vows that evening, so that's when we take advantage of the lull to do more gambling. I break even this time, as I only got a short time to do my work...but it's better than losing!

As the day begins to wane, we make our way toward the wedding chapel. It's a casual affair, as you can tell by the photos. The ceremony goes off without a hitch, and we head back to the hotel to change and prepare for the evening's affairs. We go to Freemont Street to watch the light show and visit a casino or two (I didn't get to play this time!). The lights on Freemont are absolutely unbelievable! The patriotic music intertwines with 80's classics and some newer pop hits while eagles, jets and dancing women soar overhead in a larger-than-life display that has to be seen to be believed. Once we've seen the entire rotation of light shows, we make our way off of Freemont--but not before both of my parents get themselves TATTOOED! They were the temporary tattoos, but this is stepping way outside the box for these baby boomers that had a hard time even getting pierced ears!

The evening wraps up with a trip through The Wynn to see the incredible backdrops created with living flowers, plants and trees...followed by a visit to the dancing fountains in front of The Bellagio. This was yet another sight/sound adventure that cannot be described without seeing. I grab my handy-dandy video camera, and I am able to capture all three shows.

The evening has now drawn to a close, and it's time for these tired souls to make their way back to the hotel for the evening...but not before a few rounds of blackjack at Slots-A-Fun next door to the hotel! This time, I end up cleaning up. I take home enough to pay the rest of the airfare, at which time I decide I better count my blessings and get the hell outta Dodge! It's now 3:00am, and we are absolutely exhausted. All in all, it's been a fantastic vacation, and I got to spend it with 3 of my favorite people. Who could ask for anything more?

Upon our return, we begin to see the damage parlayed upon the state by hurricane Rita, who was moving in just as our plane left the ground in Little Rock. Tree limbs are everywhere, and water seems to be plentiful. We don't get home until after 11:00, and work calls early in the morning. We really had a great time, and look forward to returning for the Grand Opening of Tahiti Village on March 31 of next year--which just so happens to be Leslie's birthday.

Well, enough for now. This is too long as it is, and I have to get busy planning for my mom and step-dad's arrival this coming week. Until next time....

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Shirley High School

I realize that I just posted last night, but I was just reading the news from the past week, and my old employer, Shirley School District, has had a run-in with drugs! Imagine that--a podunk school in a tiny part of the state that nobody talks about having problems with drugs! And what's really odd is the parents are all saying the same thing..."We don't have a drug problem here. This is just a group of kids that thought they were doing one thing when they were doing something else!"

Well, guess what morons? There IS a drug problem in Shirley! You're just too stupid to realize it, or too fucking ignorant to admit it. In the months that I worked there, the kids would tell me stories of parties where kids would get so blazed that they couldn't walk...or that they took a handful of pills that they didn't know what they were or where they came from...or that they got so drunk that they blacked out half-way through the night. Keep in mind, these kids are all under 18. Still think there's not a problem? I could tell you stories that would curl the hair on your little red neck!

So, before you parents rest your heads at night thinking your kids are safe and not doing drugs...think again. Talk to them, people! Pay attention to them! LISTEN TO THEM! These kids are extremely bright, and they're fun to talk to when you're talking TO them and not AT them. I feel for those involved, as a couple of them were my students, but I also know the rules at Shirley will only allow people to deny and ignore. Isn't it odd that I got no less than a half-dozen of the kids from the school contacting me that day to tell me what happened? I knew about it before the ambulances had even left the campus. I guess the fact that the kids connected with me doesn't matter. Sorry, guys...I tried!

So, keep your eyes and your ears open. Your children's lives depend on it! I'll get off my soap box now and return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Until next time....

Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath

Ya know, as I sit here watching the news, I wonder...What in the HELL are these people doing in New Orleans? And why is it that someone has to come and rescue them? Where were they when there was a MANDATORY evacuation of the city? Could they not hitch a ride with their homies? I bet if there was a 50 Cent concert in Shreveport, they'd cut their fucking leg off to get there. What's the difference? I'm going to tell you.

You see, age has benefited me in several of which is tolerance. I have become very tolerant and understanding to the plight of the "minorities". I understand that life was tough for them 200 years ago. I realize that my great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather's grandparents brought their distant relatives over in a big boat. I'm sorry for that. However, if you don't like the conditions here in the good ol' US of A, I'm sure there's another boat headed back over where those ancestors came from. Hitch a ride.

Now, let me make a differentiation here. I am much like Chris Rock. I like black people. I like what they do, I like their efforts, I like their families. What I hate is niggers. These fuckers are like a boil on the ass of society. The black people were either smart or resourceful enough to find a way to get the hell out of the way when this huge ominous storm was approaching. They are also the ones that, if they weren't fortunate enough to get out in time, are helping with the evacuation effort. The niggers are the stinking bastards taking pot shots at the rescue workers and the helicopters and looting the Wal-Mart for TVs, VCRs and DVD players. The governor has said that there would be tolerance for food looting. I would agree with that. Feed your family. Feed yourself. Feed the weak, the sick, the young, the elderly. Feed everyone. But what the hell are you gonig to do with that TV? Eat it? There aren't any pawn shops open at the moment, and I don't think conditions in the city are conducive for chilling out with your homies and watching BET. You fuckers need to be shot dead. Looting your own city? Raping the place you used to call home? What excuse is there?

You bitch and moan about the Superdome's conditions. As horrible as they must be, I bet they're a damn sight better than your house is! And how much are you paying to stay there? Does the "mandatory evacuation" sound so difficult now? The black people are the ones crying about losing family members, the loss others have suffered, and the overall sense of despair throughout the Gulf Coast. The niggers are the little bastards that are arming themselves and raping, pillaging and plundering everything. Martial law would do you well. Shoot to kill--and extra credit for killing these fuckers.

I have donated a grand quantity of money to the Red Cross for their efforts, although these blood-sucking pieces of shit will likely end up bleeding them dry before the truly needy people get the relief they deserve. I will be driving a bus for the evacuees, and we're currently looking for a small family to put up in our home until the repairs in the affected areas have begun. I can't begin to describe the sense of loss that these people must feel, and to fire upon those who are trying to help you? What the hell are you thinking? Oh, aren't. You weren't smart enough to THINK your way out of the city beforehand, and you sure as hell aren't smart enough to THINK your way out now. You'll wait around for Whitey to come and rescue you--again. Just be careful of your rescuers, because they are coming in boats, and you remember what happened LAST time your people got in a boat!

Before you politically-correct ass sniffers start hollering about discrimination and racism, let me remind you that I am not speaking in generalities. Hispanics, African-Americans, Caucasians, Orientals, Asians, Indians, Middle Easterners...they all began life as a helpless baby. There was no color and no prejudice there. That is learned. If you feel like you're being discriminated against, don't look around you--look inside yourself. It starts with you, and so does the hurricane recovery. Instead of picking up a gun, pick up a shovel or a broom...pick up one of the poor souls who didn't make it and give them the dignity they deserve...pick up your neighbor and help them. We're all in this together, and that's the only way we're going to get out of this alive. Together.

I'm done now. For the victims in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and the other states affected, my heart goes out to you--regardless of your race. If you need a place to stay, give me a call. I'll put you up. Good luck, and God bless. Until next time....

Monday, August 08, 2005

St. Joseph High School, Class of 1985

This past weekend (August 6), my graduating class "celebrated" our 20 year reunion. It was a bit anticlimatic, to be honest. Of the 26 people in my graduating class, 15 or so showed up. Some came early and stayed late; others came late and left early. It is very strange to see the people that you grew up with as full-on adults with mortgages, kids, and spouses. Hell, there are people in my class that have been married 18-20 years! Then again, there are some who aren't married at all, and some who, like me, have been married more than once. It's a pretty accurate sampling of the real world, but it's still very strange.

It's funny sometimes how things happen. I spent a good amount of time talking with a former classmate who left after 10th grade, and it turns out that she wasn't as put out by me as I had always thought she was. In fact, even in her slightly intoxicated state, she was very sincere about the fact that she may have had more than just a passing thought about me! What?! What the hell did I miss there? She was (and still is) extremely attractive, and she has a name that holds some status in my hometown. My wife even agreed that she was very attractive, and we all spent a good amount of time talking about the past 20 years and the mistakes we had made along the way. Another one of those oddities...

There are people from my class who hadn't had kids yet, people who were still having kids, and people who had been done having kids before they were 21 years old. All in all, it was really good seeing everyone again, and it's amazing that you remember the faces even after not seeing them for 20 years. I went home feeling the same way I did 10 years ago after our 10th class reunion--good and bad. Good because I couldn't think of anyone that I would have rather graduated with than those 25 misfits and bad because it reminded me of all of the mistakes and heartaches of the past 20 years. A mixed bag of emotions at the very least.

At the very least, they reminded me that I was getting older, and that life is everything you make of it. So, I went home with my wife, told her how glad I am that she is here, and spent the night dreaming of days gone by. And now I'm going to help myself to a cold, frothy adult beverage and try to forget that I'm screaming towards 40 years old. Until next time...

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back to School

So, it's now August, and soon the yellow buses will be on the road, the kids will be back in school, and the days begin to get shorter. This has been one of the best summers of my life, and I really look forward to many, many more. I have had my kids for nearly 8 full weeks, and with the help and patience of my lovely bride, they prospered. My son went to summer school and raised his poor score in Algebra II to a 'B', which I knew he could. It's a shame he hasn't had the motivation from his present home, but hopefully once custody is settled that will change, as well.

As motivation for his future school year, we purchased a 1994 Ford Ranger Splash pickup (pictured here) off of Ebay. We got a 'second chance' price because the original bidder was not able to complete the transaction--good deal for me! We made the trip to northern Indiana, where the truck's owner met us (the truck was originally from Flint, Michigan). My son spent the entire next day washing and waxing "his" truck, only to have the front of it covered with bug splatters after driving back from Indiana! It's a great ride, and once we put our "personal touch" on it, it is gonna be a ride any 16 year old would be proud to drive! Now if he JUST knew how to drive a 5-speed...

The job has kept me VERY busy, but I really enjoy the work. I've ran across several of the people I used to work for, as well as some of the associates that I knew beforehand. Former cruising buddies, ex-girlfriends, drinking buddies...I guess we all finally grew up! I'm due up for a raise soon, and I'm always happy to accept more $$!

We have tossed around the idea of moving to Indiana, as Leslie fell in love with the area while we were up there. The clean, neat nature of the towns, the moderate summer temperatures, the well-manicured lawns, and a family that is second t0 none were just too much for her (and me!) to resist. We don't have a timeline in mind, but it could be sooner...or later. Either way, it looks as though Indiana will be our final landing spot. It's about time!

That's about it for now. Not much changes in my life. Eat, sleep, work...repeat. The kids are back with their mother for the time being, but they'll be back again in a few days. Money has become less and less an object, and the bills have been getting smaller and smaller. I won't ask the fateful question at this point, but it's going really well, and I just don't want to jinx anything! So, until next time...

Saturday, June 18, 2005

"Ain't no cure for the summertime blues..."

Well, so here we are. It's a zillion degrees outside, the rain has stopped falling, the ground is beginning to harden, and the air conditioner runs non-stop all day long. I hate summer in Arkansas! My mom was bragging about how it was 50ยบ there the other night. FIFTY! And here we're stuck with hot, humid nights and hotter, nasty humid days. Damn summers.

The kids will soon settle in with Leslie and I. The girl has been busy with this function and that function, but she's finally settling down, and she'll be moving in for at least the summer in a couple of days. As for the boy...what can I say? He has been somewhat of a disappointment from afar, but when I get him here, 1-on-1, it's amazing how grown up he really is. I had a conversation with him the other night that I never in a million years imagined having with him. Not only did it open doors for both of us, it helped develop a bond that we've been missing for a very long time. I guess divorce and distance will do that...but that doesn't mean I have to like it. My kids are my life, and I will do anything to see to it that they are happy. So far, I'm accomplishing that goal. We'll see how things pan out after summer is over.

Ahh, current events. Where shall I begin? How is it that some mutant freak like Michael Jackson can get off on ALL counts? Can money really buy that kind of verdict? Fame? Jealousy? What was it? He CERTAINLY isn't INNOCENT! The real criminals there are the parents. What kind of asinine judgement did they use to allow their pre-teen children to spend the night with a questionable creep like Jackson? Was it just a chance for them to say "My kid is Michael Jackson's personal ass bitch"? Good God...had it been MY kids, they would never find the pieces. He would disappear without a trace, and nobody would miss him. But I digress...

The situation in Aruba is sad. Here a girl with very little street smarts goes running off with someone she thought was a 'buddy', and has likely paid with her life. And what's worse is, the suspects are one by one being cleared. I guess if we ever wanted to commit a murder, we know where to go.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I see it. I welcome your questions and comments...or your silence. Read all you want...I'll type more! So, until next time...

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Summer has arrived

It has now gotten into June, and with June comes the typical Arkansas summer things--drought, hot, humidity, heat, sunburn, ungodly heat, swimming pools, heatstroke, etc. Have I mentioned how much I hate an Arkansas summer? I long for the days when there is snow on the ground in April, and then again by October! Cody, Wyoming would be such a place, and that is where I will end up sometime around the year 2012. I will fulfill my duties to my children, but then it's off to the wild, wild west. No more are the dry counties, the ignorant drivers, the moronic bible thumpers and the unrelenting hot summers. Wyoming has "hot" summers, but they're brief, and interrupted by bouts of rain and cooler weather. I can live with that.

Many people have inquired about how things are with the kids. Well, they're out of school. That's about all I can say. My daughter is in Washington, DC, on some kind of educational trip with kids from the surrounding area. She comes back next week, only to ship off once again to band camp for a week. After that, she'll be nestled in with us here in Little Rock for the duration of the summer--until we get moved. As for the boy...well, what can I say? He'll have his ass in summer school to gain the education he failed to achieve over the past 9 months. Apparently he has a mental block against Algebra II, so he gets to see it again over the summer. But not to fear...he'll be crashing here with us over the summer, too. There is a trip to Indiana, several hundred trips to Wild River Country, and a couple trips to Branson (Silver Dollar City) that will be somehow managed in amongst the already chaotic life we live. It's going to be a very interesting and fast-paced summer for all of us. I still have to try to get started on building the house, closing on the land, and selling this place! ACK!

OK, enough of that. It's hot outside, and I have to get the lawn mower serviced before I cut the grass this evening. After that, it's a 2-hour stroll through the Hillcrest/Heights neighborhoods with my lovely bride. She has begun to shed pounds like it's going out of style, and it's time I fell in place with her. I will have 40 pounds off by August come hell or high water, as my 20th class reunion will take place the last week of August. I can't show up with my steroid-induced bloat showing, so I have begun a wellness/fitness plan that includes lots of methylcellulose and water, multivitamins, and plenty of Subway sammiches and US Pizza salads. Combine that with an every-other-day 2 hour walk through the neighborhood, and the pounds should start coming off pretty quickly. Combine depression, a deep-seated love of chocolate and a bout with steroids, and you have yours truly resembling a pincushion. I'm not near the point I was at the last time I went on a fitness plan (about 3 years ago), but I don't want to get to that point, either! My goal, you ask? 230 pounds. My current weight? I would say 265, but that varies depending on how much water I drink. Gads, I drink a gallon a day...I'm expecting gills to sprout any day.

That's it for now. I noticed that I'm falling behind in the updates, but I guess that's what comes with the job and the lifestyle I have chosen. I suppose it could be much worse...but I'm always one to try to see the glass as half-full. So, stay in the air conditioning, have a cold beer, and have a great summer! Until next time...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

New addition to the new house

After an afternoon rendezvous with our friendly neighborhood salesman last weekend, we have sealed the deal on a Thermospas hot tub for the deck outside the master bedroom! This thing ROCKS! Could it be that our life is going to work out as it is SUPPOSED to? Hot damn...I love it when a plan comes together!

And you're all invited to help break in the tub once construction is complete. Tentative completion date is around Thanksgiving, and by then the weather should be PERFECT for a test run. Cool, crisp evenings make a great hot tub setting. Add a few cold beers, a glass or two of wine, and everyone smiles. Bring your suit--it's a date!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Latest updates

It's been a long time since the last update, so I guess I'll sit down and jot down a few thoughts while I'm waiting for a meeting to start here at work.

First off, it's now been nearly two months since Leslie and I got married, and I must say it's been quite a pleasant time. After all of the stress and drama from before, it is nice to finally begin to reap the benefits of a relationship. There are always the bumps in the road, but I don't believe anyone can go without those. Especially when you're talking about people as bone-headed as we both are! Geez...

Then there's the house. What can I say but--wow. The house we are planning is nothing short of unbelievable. We've finally closed on the land that we're going to build on, and construction begins as soon as we've got it all ironed out. There is a PDF file of the house plans here. We have made a few minor changes to the plans, but to think that I could ever live in a house that size was, up until recently, unimaginable! With my new job going very well and Leslie's career well underway, it's just nice to be able to even consider such a beautiful place. If I were to pull out my mean streak, I would print out these plans and mail them to each and every ex-girlfriend I've ever had and say, "See what you could have had?" But, I digress. I will stick to the knowledge that we are happy and it will soon be our own little heaven on earth.

A few words about current events, then I'll wrap this up...

Michael Jackson - you are a freak, and you deserve to be raped by every Bubba that the prison system can send your way. When they're done, you need to just disappear from sight, never to be seen (or heard from) again. Blame whatever you want, but the rest of the world didn't turn out to be some pedophilic psychopath with a milk jug head. Take your casper milque toast ass away and don't come back.

The Pope - May Pope Benedict XVI's predecessor rest in peace. He was a good man, although his failing health for the past several years was nothing short of sad. Now that the search is over, it's time to move on. The world stops for nobody, and that includes the likes of a man as good as John Paul II.

Prince Charles - what were you thinking? You would prefer that wrinkled old bag to someone like Princess Diana? What?! Are you as stupid as you look? It makes me damn proud that our forefathers broke free of that country many years ago. Imagine if we were under the rule of someone like that! Gads.

American Idol - I'm still rooting for Scott, but I know his time is about up. Bo Bice is my choice, but I don't see a 30-something rocker being picked as American Idol. Chances are, it will go to Vonzell or Constantine. He is likely the most OVERrated contestant left, but his charm and sultry character could be enough to get him through. Carrie is super hot, but she doesn't have the inbred talent to persevere. I guess we'll see!

That's about it for now. Maybe my next update will be a little more timely. Or, maybe not. Who knows. Who cares. Until next time...

Friday, March 18, 2005

Spring arrives

Well, Sunday is the first day of spring--12 hours of daylight, 12 hours of dark. The flowers are blooming, the trees are beginning to fill out, and allergies will soon run rampant! UGH! Oh,'s an annual requirement if you're going to live here.

It's now been nearly 3 weeks since the nuptials, and I've honestly been so busy at work that we haven't even had time to stop and enjoy it. I love my work--don't get me wrong! It's just that I've always been the kind to work too much, and for someone known to spend too much time in front of a monitor, it gets to be overload pretty easily. My wife, however, is very understanding of my work habits, and after giving her the better hours of the evenings and weekends, she affords me the time to get on my computer to work, play, or whatever. Then again, she has the wireless laptop for her Ebaying and emailing, so she's happy with that, too.

My ex has decided that she will relinquish custody of the kids this summer after school is out without a court hearing. It's the first time in a very long time that I've had a kind thought of her, even if it turns out to be short-lived. She has openly admitted to our children that she doesn't like my wife--but then again, she's never liked any of my female companions! I guess that's life. My wife is going to be around for a very long time!

While I'm speaking of my spouse, I have to remark about her unbelievable consideration for the kids. She has gone over and above what ANY stepmother should be expected to do. She cares for those kids as if they were her own, and she has stood right beside me through this entire child custody case, offering encouragement and opinion. If you ever meet this woman, you should shake her hand and tell her what a fine example she sets for the rest of the stepmothers out there. They don't get the monicker "stepMONSTER" for nothing, ya know! She is also the driving force behind construction of our new house on the lot we've purchased in Greenbrier. It is an unbelievable home with 2 floors and a basement/garage--2400 square feet of house--with 1200 square feet of garage?! Good god! I could clear me off a spot and throw a fit! w00t! I'll have more information on that as the deals close.

So that's my life as I see it. Nothing much changes. We just trek onward and upward. I close by saying "thank you" to whomever is in charge 'up there' to give me a woman who can actually stand being around me!

Until next time...

Saturday, March 05, 2005

How it goes...

It's now been a week since the nuptials, and as odd as it is to hear "husband" and "wife", it's really been nice. Of course it's expected that newlyweds will be in that whole "bliss" stage, but keep in mind that I've lived with this woman for nearly a year already. It's more permanent now with the whole marriage thing, but as far as "how does it feel" goes, it just feels--good. I haven't yet had a regret, and I don't know that I will. Since I've moved to this new job, my life has been incredibly drama-free and actually fun. Fun. Imagine that. It IS possible!

So, to my former employer, I leave nothing. I do, however, feel sorry for my previous supervisor, as she is stuck in this situation for a few more months. Several of my former students still contact me on an almost-daily basis, and it's always good to hear from them. It is certainly far from being over...but I can assure you that it will get worse before it gets better!

Until next time...

Sunday, February 27, 2005

The day arrives

The day has finally arrived. It's time to "go public" with the wedding announcement. Here is what was submitted to the local paper.


On February 27, 2005, Leslie Purdy of Little Rock and Aaron Hoyt, formerly of Conway, were united in holy matrimony in a private family ceremony at Curran Hall in historic downtown Little Rock. A reception followed immediately afterward at the couple’s Little Rock home.

Ms. Purdy is a graduate of Malvern High School. She graduated from Henderson State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology. She received her master’s degree from Henderson State University in Biology Education, and her Doctorate degree from Americus University in Washington D.C., and currently teaches chemistry, veterinarian science and ESL biology at Hall High School in Little Rock.

Mr. Hoyt is a graduate of St. Joseph High School in Conway. He graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science degree in physical science, and is currently working as a systems engineer for Hardwyre in Maumelle.

The couple is planning a spring honeymoon cruise to the Western Caribbean. Presently, they make their home in Little Rock pending construction of a new home in Greenbrier.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Birthdays and born losers

It's a very busy week in the household. My daughter's birthday was this past Wednesday--she's 12 now! Then, my stepmom's birthday was Thursday. I finally acknowledged her birthday for the first time, and it oddly enough made me feel quite good. This new job has taken SO much stress off of me that I'm actually able to concentrate on loved ones. It's just GREAT!

OK, so tonight, my son is having his little birthday gathering at the ex-monster's house. His birthday is tomorrow, and he turns 15. ACK! I'm not old enough to have a 15 year old child! And Sunday holds a day of its very own--to be detailed sometime tomorrow.

I get information about my ex's latest attempt to yet again rape my checkbook this past week, and all I can do is laugh. What the hell goes through some people's minds? Ever hear about that sleeping dog? You really should have left him alone. But, since I'm awake, I may as well occupy myself...and occupy myself, I will. Listen carefully to what I say. You won't know when, you won't know where...but either way, you'll know. Any questions?

Until next time...

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Valentine's Day and another chapter begins

So, Valentine's Day has arrived, and it's time for those big galoots to remember their sweeties, and for the scattered women to remember their man. I have great plans for my honey on Valentine's Day. First, it's a Swedish massage in her own living room in front of a crackling fire. Soft music, candles, and exotic oils surround the table as the masseuse works her magic on tired, overworked muscles. The utterances coming from her as skilled hands squeeze and knead up and down make the entire thing worthwhile. Disagreements are dissolved, arguments annihilated and fights forgotten. It all comes down to the concentrated power of those hands.

In the morning, there is a card in the bathroom as she goes to brush her teeth, and another at the coffee maker when she goes to make her morning cup of java. Then, as she departs for work, she finds a card in the front seat of her car. During the day, she'll receive a surprise visit from yours truly, bearing flowers, a card, and a single chocolate rose. Valentine's Day is no reason to overlook the perpetual diet!

That night, after arriving home, we will partake of a fulfilling meal at the restaurant of her choice--Olive Garden and Ciao's come to mind. We then arrive home for a bit of relaxing in front of the TV while we watch an episode or two of Law & Order before retiring for the evening. All in all, it will be a well-deserved evening for a well-deserved woman.

As I awaken Tuesday morning, my new job begins. I have left the narrow-minded school district that formerly employed me for a prestigious, good-paying job in Maumelle as a Systems Engineer for a computer consulting firm. Gone are the accusations, the unrelenting drama, and the ever-present prying eyes of the school. With every new job there come questions and uncertainties, and this is no exception. I already miss 'my kids' at the school, and I will even miss some of my co-workers. My superintendent will likely be the one I will miss the most.

Through all of the bullshit dealt out by a few brain damaged members of the school board, along with members of their immediate family, she never wavered...she never judged...she never questioned. Even after receiving a scathing, accusing "anonymous" letter, she took the time to research it fully before assuring me that everything was fine. It's amazing how, even through a rain of accusations, nothing could ever be proven--except for the fact that I have a big mouth. Wow. That's information. Anyone who's ever met me could attest to that fact. It's how I am. So, for your patience, I offer my most humble appreciation and respect. It's a shame that you're still stuck in the same cesspool, but your time is coming, my dear! :)

But enough about that hellhole. I look forward to my new office, my new co-workers, and the upcoming experience that is to follow. Hopefully it will only accent the pending custody hearing that is coming in just a few weeks. Maybe now we can all be a family, complete in almost every way. Nothing is perfect, but perhaps it's time for all of us to get the near-perfect life that we've always desired, and absolutely deserve.

My closing comments are simple. That small school district in northern Arkansas is doomed to be sucked into the consolidation, and the corrupt and pathetic school board members who caused so much mayhem will be justly removed and booted from the decision-making process. My new employer will reap the many benefits of my knowledge and personality, and my girlfriend may finally discover the "real me" that she's been waiting so long to see. God knows she deserves it!

Until next time...

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The rewards of a hard day's work...oh, and groundhog day!

Well, here we are...another week is underway, and it has been an extremely productive week! I had made a promise to have an entire building fully operational before our next meeting, and lo and behold, it appears as though I'm going to beat that deadline by at least 2 weeks. It's amazing how much you can get done when the areas you've already covered are stabilized and people are off your back. Perhaps by this time next month I'll have it all squared away and EVERYONE will be happy. No, wait...I think it was Abraham Lincoln that said it best: "You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time."

So tomorrow is groundhog day. Does it really matter? Who cares about what some rat on steroids sees? We don't get winter here, so he can see fairies flying through flaming cow manure for all I care. Punxsutawney, Pennsylvannia must not have much else as a claim to fame if they depend on some sedentary rodent to bankroll them for the next 364 days.

And, in closing...I must comment on a memo I received today. Obviously a frequenter of my website, this person actually felt it necessary to compare me to Jesus Christ. Now, before I let a couple of PSI out of my oh-so-inflated ego, let's take the literality (my own word) out of my previous missive. Judas is a biblical character that is known throughout time as a bit of a backstabbing, deceitful person. So, in my reference, I simply used Judas as a metaphor for a current-day scenario. In NO way do I make any comparisons, literally or otherwise, to Jesus Christ. I may have resembled his likeness in my youth, what with my long, flowing locks and my unshaven appearance...but that's about as close as I'd care to go. This attempt to infuriate or humiliate me has done neither. In fact, I will be issuing a campus-wide memo that anyone not addressing me as "J.C." will not only be ignored, but they will be stricken with some hideous, deadly a hangnail or a cold. And if they really anger me, I'll throw in athlete's foot just for grins. Et tu, Judas?

How ya like them apples? Please feel free to continue your anonymous contributions. One thing you'll never find me doing is hiding behind anonymity. I'll always be there...working diligently...while your life continues on in squalor.

If you get a laugh from this, then I appreciate your intelligence and your sense of humor. If you get any other feeling, then you probably need to examine your own life and choose the battles that you need to be fighting--obviously this isn't one of them. Any questions?

Until next time...

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Time to vent

I typically don't post twice within the same week, but for some reason, I just felt compelled to vent.

You see, there are things going on--things that I'm not at liberty to discuss at this time--at work. Now, if you don't know where I work, I apologize. This likely won't make sense to you. But, to those who keep up with my uneventful and somewhat mundane life, this will be enough to whet your appetite for a while.

It all started back in 1692 in a small town in Massachusetts. With that information in mind, we travel forward in time to the year 2005. Same process, same results. I have discovered that if you were to look deep enough into anyone's life--even someone like the Pope--you'll find something that can be construed as "improper". Such is the case in a small town in Arkansas. The life of an average Joe is soon to be changed forever. Not only is the grapevine ripe with gossip, but the gossip is nearly all unfounded and absolutely untrue. It is just amazing how one person can turn an entire town upside-down. How, you ask? Well, here's the Reader's Digest version...

Take this guy. He's from 'somewhere'. Well-educated, tech-savvy, very contemporary, outgoing, and an extreme workaholic. He takes his job very seriously, and in a move that could prove fatal, actually took the time to meet the community members around which he worked. He is surrounded daily by children as well as adults of all ages, and very rarely has a cross word to say to any of them. He enjoys seeing them each and every day, and is genuinely concerned for their well-being. He is very involved in the community in which he works, and has gone so far as to happily volunteer his time and efforts for the betterment of the place in which he is employed. He does all this without expectations. All he asks is that he gets to come to work each week.

Well, our friend made the mistake of being concerned for the well-being of some of those youngsters, and will likely end up paying with his job. He sequesters his rage, as it is not the fault of those in his workplace. The Judas in this case is a seldom-seen but often-heard person whose life is supposedly dedicated to caring for those with medical afflictions; however, this same person took it upon themself to waste an entire day fertilizing the grapevine with even more juicy gossip--all of which was found out later to be bogus at best.

Now our friend is forced to struggle with his internal angst while the world around him continues on unabated. His hands are tied, his words are silenced, and his rights are squashed. But, alas...keep in mind, our friend is well-educated, and is also quite crafty. He has a couple of aces up his sleeve that will be kept hidden until the time is right. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned--or a man wrongfully accused. So my advice is simple--buckle your seat belts. It's going to be a wild ride!

Keep your eyes pealed for updates. I know that our friendly neighborhood Judas will be!

Until next time...

Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Constitution of the United States, work, and civil rights

What a topic, eh? It kind of makes you wonder what people are thinking sometimes when you see a story unfold before your very eyes. You hear every day about "the blacks will never be equal", and other such racial issues. Well, I have an issue, and I am going to say something about it--in an innocuous fashion, of course!

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

My girlfriend's brother is soon shipping off to Afghanistan to fight for the very freedom that we revel in. We run around like it's nothing, but ask the people in Iraq and Russia what they think "freedom" is. Many, many people have died to keep this country free, and the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is probably one of the most-used and most protected amendments of them all.

Freedom of speech. Use it, or lose it.

Until next time...

Saturday, January 15, 2005

A new year and resolutions

OK, I'm the worst when it comes to making resolutions. Here it is, 2 weeks into the new year, and I'm just now getting around to updating my blog. What the hell is up with that? Oh, I guess I've been BUSY!

Anyways, not a lot of new news to report. However, it appears as though my ex and I may have reached a happy medium as far as custody of the kids. She has agreed to allow the change as soon as I can get moved into a home of my own and get "settled". At that point, she *swears* that she'll let them move. I guess I'll get busy with that--nothing is more important right now!

Work is keeping me very busy, and I have to say that I've gotten quite a bit accomplished in a very short time. I still have quite a bit to get done, but it's starting to look like 'my place' finally! I've made a few friends at the school, and the kids seem to be taking to me quite well. There are always a few knuckleheads that give me problems, but all in all, they're a good bunch. As for the school board, I won't comment...

OK, it's time to get to bed. It's been a long, trying day, and tomorrow is the semifinals of the AFC Championship, and my Colts are still hanging in there! You can bet that Trevor and I will be glued to the TV from 3:00 until the final horn blows!

Until next time...