Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath

Ya know, as I sit here watching the news, I wonder...What in the HELL are these people doing in New Orleans? And why is it that someone has to come and rescue them? Where were they when there was a MANDATORY evacuation of the city? Could they not hitch a ride with their homies? I bet if there was a 50 Cent concert in Shreveport, they'd cut their fucking leg off to get there. What's the difference? I'm going to tell you.

You see, age has benefited me in several of which is tolerance. I have become very tolerant and understanding to the plight of the "minorities". I understand that life was tough for them 200 years ago. I realize that my great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather's grandparents brought their distant relatives over in a big boat. I'm sorry for that. However, if you don't like the conditions here in the good ol' US of A, I'm sure there's another boat headed back over where those ancestors came from. Hitch a ride.

Now, let me make a differentiation here. I am much like Chris Rock. I like black people. I like what they do, I like their efforts, I like their families. What I hate is niggers. These fuckers are like a boil on the ass of society. The black people were either smart or resourceful enough to find a way to get the hell out of the way when this huge ominous storm was approaching. They are also the ones that, if they weren't fortunate enough to get out in time, are helping with the evacuation effort. The niggers are the stinking bastards taking pot shots at the rescue workers and the helicopters and looting the Wal-Mart for TVs, VCRs and DVD players. The governor has said that there would be tolerance for food looting. I would agree with that. Feed your family. Feed yourself. Feed the weak, the sick, the young, the elderly. Feed everyone. But what the hell are you gonig to do with that TV? Eat it? There aren't any pawn shops open at the moment, and I don't think conditions in the city are conducive for chilling out with your homies and watching BET. You fuckers need to be shot dead. Looting your own city? Raping the place you used to call home? What excuse is there?

You bitch and moan about the Superdome's conditions. As horrible as they must be, I bet they're a damn sight better than your house is! And how much are you paying to stay there? Does the "mandatory evacuation" sound so difficult now? The black people are the ones crying about losing family members, the loss others have suffered, and the overall sense of despair throughout the Gulf Coast. The niggers are the little bastards that are arming themselves and raping, pillaging and plundering everything. Martial law would do you well. Shoot to kill--and extra credit for killing these fuckers.

I have donated a grand quantity of money to the Red Cross for their efforts, although these blood-sucking pieces of shit will likely end up bleeding them dry before the truly needy people get the relief they deserve. I will be driving a bus for the evacuees, and we're currently looking for a small family to put up in our home until the repairs in the affected areas have begun. I can't begin to describe the sense of loss that these people must feel, and to fire upon those who are trying to help you? What the hell are you thinking? Oh, aren't. You weren't smart enough to THINK your way out of the city beforehand, and you sure as hell aren't smart enough to THINK your way out now. You'll wait around for Whitey to come and rescue you--again. Just be careful of your rescuers, because they are coming in boats, and you remember what happened LAST time your people got in a boat!

Before you politically-correct ass sniffers start hollering about discrimination and racism, let me remind you that I am not speaking in generalities. Hispanics, African-Americans, Caucasians, Orientals, Asians, Indians, Middle Easterners...they all began life as a helpless baby. There was no color and no prejudice there. That is learned. If you feel like you're being discriminated against, don't look around you--look inside yourself. It starts with you, and so does the hurricane recovery. Instead of picking up a gun, pick up a shovel or a broom...pick up one of the poor souls who didn't make it and give them the dignity they deserve...pick up your neighbor and help them. We're all in this together, and that's the only way we're going to get out of this alive. Together.

I'm done now. For the victims in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and the other states affected, my heart goes out to you--regardless of your race. If you need a place to stay, give me a call. I'll put you up. Good luck, and God bless. Until next time....

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