Saturday, September 03, 2005

Shirley High School

I realize that I just posted last night, but I was just reading the news from the past week, and my old employer, Shirley School District, has had a run-in with drugs! Imagine that--a podunk school in a tiny part of the state that nobody talks about having problems with drugs! And what's really odd is the parents are all saying the same thing..."We don't have a drug problem here. This is just a group of kids that thought they were doing one thing when they were doing something else!"

Well, guess what morons? There IS a drug problem in Shirley! You're just too stupid to realize it, or too fucking ignorant to admit it. In the months that I worked there, the kids would tell me stories of parties where kids would get so blazed that they couldn't walk...or that they took a handful of pills that they didn't know what they were or where they came from...or that they got so drunk that they blacked out half-way through the night. Keep in mind, these kids are all under 18. Still think there's not a problem? I could tell you stories that would curl the hair on your little red neck!

So, before you parents rest your heads at night thinking your kids are safe and not doing drugs...think again. Talk to them, people! Pay attention to them! LISTEN TO THEM! These kids are extremely bright, and they're fun to talk to when you're talking TO them and not AT them. I feel for those involved, as a couple of them were my students, but I also know the rules at Shirley will only allow people to deny and ignore. Isn't it odd that I got no less than a half-dozen of the kids from the school contacting me that day to tell me what happened? I knew about it before the ambulances had even left the campus. I guess the fact that the kids connected with me doesn't matter. Sorry, guys...I tried!

So, keep your eyes and your ears open. Your children's lives depend on it! I'll get off my soap box now and return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Until next time....

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