Monday, December 20, 2010

Last one of this year!

It's really been five months since my last post?! Wow...I guess I've just been busy!

So, what's been going on...let's see...the house is finally done. The remodeling hell is complete, and we're now moving all of the built-up crap that was in the house to points elsewhere--Ebay, Freecycle, giving it away, selling it. I just want it gone. We've made hundreds off of what we thought was useless stuff that had been piled up around the house for months (years), and it has gone to keep up our oh-so-high standard of living (/sarcasm). Either way, it's over, and the result looks fantastic. I'm quite pleased with the results. Hell, I may even post some pictures on my Picasa page. Maybe.

Also, since my last post, I have come and gone from St. Vincent. As it turns out, the job could have been done by a trained monkey, and anyone who knows me knows that I don't do well with mundane, repetitive work. I left there about a month ago, and have now moved on to work for the Girl Scouts state headquarters in North Little Rock. Aside from all the idiot comments, the job is really a good fit for me. The pay isn't what it was at St. Vincent, but the satisfaction is 10x more. I get to build an entire network from several bits and pieces patched together with rocks and sticks using current technology, rather than 10 year old operating systems running on 15 year old equipment. I am also the "head" of the IT Department, for what that's worth--it's a two man operation! I don't have the pressure of getting something done NOW--I get to move forward at a reasonable pace, making sure there aren't any mistakes from leaving something out in a rush, and when I'm done, it runs like a million bucks. So, the career stays on the same path, just using a different vehicle.

The holidays are upon us now, and for the first time in three years, we actually have seasonal decor in the house. Five Christmas trees, garland, lights, sparkly things...they're all out in all their glory, and I couldn't be happier. It's been much too long, and the depression of not having Christmas decor was becoming quite obvious...and overwhelming. It actually looks better, because the house looks better. With the exception of the destruction that Centerpoint Energy has wreaked in my front yard, the landscaping has improved, the inside of the house has most certainly improved, and the lowered credit card balances also improves things. It's almost like...home.

So, I'll get back to work now, and perhaps now that I have my house back, I'll be able to post more often? Who knows...but I do know that the '' domain will soon be retired, to be replaced by either '' or ''. At 43 years old, it's time for me to simplify, and one of those changes will be ending the nickname websites--mongrelcam died long ago, mightymichelob will soon follow.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year to all...and if you think I'm going to even acknowledge Kwanzaa, you're out of your mind. That's something made up by "African" Americans to further segregate them from Whitey. So bite me,'s either Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah...or you can stick it. I'm out...until next time...

Thursday, July 08, 2010

LRSD finds even more to waste money on

I don't write very often, but when I see the DUMBEST people in the world blowing money on some stupid consultant to come in and tell them that everything they're doing is OK?! What the fuck is that? Hey, LRSD school board--YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS! I've been to an LRSD board meeting, and it resembles a monkey fucking a football. That man-beast in charge of the board...I've seen better heads on a corpse! There's not enough collective intelligence in the entire board to tie a velcro shoe! Jesus tapdancing Christ...this makes me want to go out and just go postal on the entire board! How goddamn stupid can you be?! NINETY THOUSAND DOLLARS to work 36 days A YEAR??!! Are you fucking KIDDING me?

You ass clown waste of space. Katherine Mitchell--you need to be drawn and quartered for all of the money you've wasted. You should be thrown to a pack of angry pit bulls for being so arrogant as to drive that district into the ground! YOU ARE A WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT. the world a favor...die in a fire.

Little Rock School District board meeting on agreement for special services - | KTHV | Little Rock, AR

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One door closes...

So, my last day at UALR is "officially" tomorrow; however, I haven't been 'working' there since before spring break. Why? Because, as a system administrator, they know that I have the POTENTIAL to be quite destructive--access to sensitive areas of the campus in the wrong hands can be devastating. Fortunately (for them), I'm not a malicious-minded person. I just left quietly, utilizing the time they provided for me--with pay--to find other gainful employment. Thus begins the next chapter...

I begin working at St. Vincent Hospital in just a couple of weeks as a part of the Client Computing team. The kicker? I make a full 20% more than I was making at UALR! And the best part is, not only do I have a supervisor who's ego will fit within his own person, I don't have to listen to the ignorant asshats bicker like 5-year-olds in faculty meetings! I've never seen such an open display of pathetic egocentric-ism in my LIFE! Contrary to what these morons believe, the world does NOT revolve around them! There are billions more just like them, and with the exception of a small handful, their egos are self-contained. So, I guess the old adage that "When one door closes, another one opens" certainly holds true here. I just thank GOD that I'm getting out of there with my sanity.

Finally, my son graduates from Air Force Basic Training on May 7, and it looks like I won't be able to attend due to the timing with my new job. The AFB is in San Antonio, which is about a 9-10 hour drive. The graduation events begin on May 6 (a Thursday), with the commencement being held on May 7. Missing two days within a week of beginning a new job doesn't look too it may just have to go without my attendance. As much as it pains me to miss, I am hopeful that he knows I'll be there in spirit, even if I'm not in body.

That's it for now. Until next time...

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Long time, no see

It's been quite a while since my last post, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to jot some things down. SO much has happened since my last post, it may take a while!

First and foremost, I have re-established a relationship with my son. He left for Air Force basic training at Lackland AFB on March 9. While at the MEPS station in Little Rock, the entire Porter clan showed up for the same reason I was there. However, after Trevor's swearing in and his subsequent departure, I asked the entire group to speak with me outside--in an attempt to try to repair the cluster fuck they had made of my children's' lives. They shunned my daughter because she 'chose' to live with me and showered my son with gifts and material shit to buy his silence. Silence from what, you ask? I would love to say it, but social etiquette keeps me from it. Venture to wasn't anything good.

So anyways, after making my request, the red-headed pig slut, Charlotte, stomped out, saying she had nothing to say to me or "that girl", referring to my daughter--her niece. Her father then began spouting out obscenities and garbage and posturing like he was some bantam rooster. But, as my ex-wife and her sister, Robin, began shouting at them, it became clear how it had all played out. Trevor's head was a mess because of the hatred spewed forth from those obscenely overweight, useless protoplasmic asshats. He couldn't win, regardless of what he did. Now that he's moved on (and moved OUT), that seems to have changed almost overnight. This is truly a great thing. And because karma has been on my side lately, I shan't wish bad things on those who choose to remain angry. I believe that their karma will take care of them in fine fashion. Then again, God has pity on fools and drunks...and these morons don't drink...

Next development is, UALR has decided to release me from employment due to budget cuts. They can build a $30 million building, but can't pay my measly salary? I smell a rat, and its name is Obama...but I digress. I have some very hot leads going on, one of the best being at St. Vincent Hospital--right down the street! My potential supervisor would be my mentor, Don Rehak, a guy that I spent a tremendous amount of time with, picking his brain and learning everything I could about computers. He got me started and showed me the ropes in an 'intern' sort of fashion, paying me a meager $50 a week. But, the benefits of that internship have kept me afloat for the last 15 years. My hopes are that it works out and I'll once again be working with him. More on that in my next post--advising as to where I landed.

Other than that, we're just status quo. The remodeling job has now gone on for two full years, leaving a portion of the house in disrepair for the entire time. The kitchen is 97% complete, the dining room is about 90% complete, but Madison's bedroom is left--and it's the least work of all! Money is the factor, and unstable work status isn't conducive to running up a big tab at Lowe's. Once I'm settled back into employment, we'll wrap it up and move on to the next project. Gads...two years?!

We recently celebrated our 5-year anniversary on February 27, and a half-dozen March birthdays, including Leslie's on March 31. It's been a busy time, even if it doesn't seem like it! So, with that said, I'll close out. Summer is coming, and so are the $400 electric bills. Oh, joy...

Until next time...