Sunday, June 11, 2006

Let's try this ONE MORE time

Well, with the realization that our current home will not sell in a timely fashion, we have put it up on the rental market with a property manager and moved on with the hunt for a home in Greenbrier. Our search took us through a dozen or so homes, some of which were "close"; others of which wouldn't even qualify as livable. We did come across one that we found to be very suitable, and quite an attractive house. It is in a very low traffic area where development will not overrun the area anytime soon. I have a couple of pictures of the house, but they're the realtor's pictures, so don't blame me if they look like CRAP!
This is a picture from the front. I don't know why they chose to fuzz the edges, but the photo is still pretty much effective. The house sits on a pretty good sized lot (about an acre), so we don't have the subdivision squeeze syndrome going on. My next closest neighbors are a good 100 yards away, and you can't even see their house through all the trees.

This is a picture of the back of the house. Notice the oversized dormer at the top. The view out that window is absolutely incredible. The house is on top of a hill, and from that window, you can see all the way across town and out into the mountains to the north of town. This room is the office/guest room/TV room. There will be a 42" LCD flat screen TV on the wall closest to the chimney with assorted furniture (and my computer) in the room. There's also a full bathroom upstairs, which makes it even nicer.

And just for my own indulgence and because I am excited about our purchase, I'm even going to put the real estate description in here! Check this out:

4 total bedroom(s)
Central air conditioning
3 total bath(s)
Interior features: Dishwasher, Fireplace(s), Range and oven, Tile flrs, Wood flrs
Approximately 1 acre(s)
Exterior features: Deck, Fenced, Public water supply, Septic sewer system, Storage/out-building(s), Trees
Approximately 2000 sq. ft.
2 car garage

So, with that said, I'll keep my fingers crossed that this house gets leased and we get the HELL out of here! Until next time...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back on the road again!

I just got home from picking the Protege up at the body shop. She now has a new front end and fresh paint after a little run-in with a 16 year old teenage girl a couple of weeks ago. It was just enough to crinkle the hood and a fender, while it also shattered the headlight and cracked the bumper (damn plastic shit). But, after a week with my buddies at A&J Collision Repair, it's back and better than new. We sat down and did the math, and this is the 17th car that Allen and Jody have put paint on for members of my family. Most of them were my brother and my dad getting their cars and trucks repainted, but 3 of them were mine, and one was the Escort-property of the ex many years ago. But enough about that.

The kids are with their mom for the month of June, and Leslie and I are house hunting once again. Given the time frame, the budget, and the increasing interest rate, we have decided to purchase a home that's already built and save the dream house for our final resting place, either Indiana or Wyoming--fate will tell. We have our eye on a couple of places, both of which have a large lot, 4 bedrooms, a fireplace and a POOL! I've never had a pool, but I hear they're a lot of work. Oh, well...something to do to keep the ungodly hot summers at bay.

So with that said, I'll get back to my life. Keep checking back, as I will hopefully be updating more often. Until next time...