Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hell hath frozen over

So it finally happened. We put that sorry piece of shit Barack Obama in the White House (from here forward, known as "the Black House"). You people are not just are lemming idiots. You have NO idea what this slimy shit is going to do, but you used Bush's screw-ups to condemn your best hope--John McCain. So what if he's older? So what if he doesn't have ALL the answers? Do you? Are YOU prepared to be Vice President? Do you even know what the hell that asshat Obama stands for?

Let me break it down for you. Obama is going to take the money from those who are working and give it to those who are not. Now, statistically speaking, MOST of those receiving this "free money" are of the same race as Obama. Let's not pull punches; let's just check the statistics. So, now that he's going to give MORE of MY hard earned money to these leeches on society, I am simply supposed to just go to work and suck it up, right? I think not.

He also has no policy in place for the war. Or for the economy. Or for anything, if truth be known. And in case you're wondering, my wife and I DO plan to move out of this soon-to-be-Socialist country to a place where true freedom rings--Canada...Australia...Great Britain. Anywhere but here. Any dumb shit ass clowns that would elect this anti-Christ are too stupid for words. You lemmings enjoy your socialism and your welfare. I'll take the easy road and move to another country. It may not be America, but at least we'll have the freedom to work and bring home our paycheck.

Obama, you are shit. I do feel as though you will not survive your 4 years in the Black House because there are too many people out there that don't like "your kind". There is a target on your head, and this 'plot' that was discovered just this past month will be the first of many. Better wear a bulletproof vest and a Kevlar helmet when you go out--"Johnny Redneck don't much like you colored type"! I personally don't give a damn about you either way. I didn't vote for you, therefore, I don't support you or anything you do. If I can't get out of the United Socialism of America in the next four years, I hope whoever goes up against your sorry ass runs you in the ground.

And lastly, to the are all parasitic pieces of shit. You ruined Sarah Palin's life, you ruined this election, and you'll ruin this country (more so than it already is). I didn't support Bush these last couple of years, but for you to run the Republican party in the ground like you did--you should all be removed from the gene pool. I tire of your polls and your rhetoric about nothing. Give me a break. Give me REAL news--a cure for cancer was found, nobody died today, global warming is decreasing--ANYTHING! You call yourself journalists...when in actuality, you are parasitic pond scum. Eat it, fuckers. This United Socialism of America is all yours.

Until next time...or should I begin studying up on my Arabic?