Thursday, April 18, 2013

My time in hell is almost done!

So, the time has almost come--my days overseas now are few. It has been the longest year plus I think I've ever endured. I have accomplished most of the tasks that I set out to accomplish, but DAMN...I don't ever want to do that shit again!

My anticipated "return to reality" date is June 2 or 3, depending on when my flights land and how quickly I can get out of Indiana. Camp Atterbury isn't the kind of place that you want to stay in--it's a dumpy Army base with nothing much to do but eat at Subway or have a beer and a steak at the All Ranks Club. Either way, it's American food served in America. That is something that I haven't had in quite a few months!

I hope that I am able to retain a solid position working in Little Rock so my demobilization date sticks, but in the event that I'm not able to find work, I do have a backup plan--that I hope I don't have to use. I have already signed an extension for another 90 days, which will allow me to continue making the hideous amount of money that I'm currently making, whilst I continue to aggressively pursue a permanent position. It's unfortunate that the employment market is as dismal as it is, but I hope to convince someone that I am as awesome as I am!

The first weekend after my anticipated return home is already booked solid--I'm headed to Gatty 6.0 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It's my first official car show as a participant, but I don't plan to win anything. My car has been sitting under a cover inside a garage for the past 14 months. It's clean, detailed, and is carrying a full tank of premium fuel and a fresh oil change. I do have an assload of "stuff" that I've obtained over the past year to bolt on--simple stuff, you know! A new OEM navigation head unit, LockPick v5, a rear-view camera, a complete set of custom badges, and a bunch of other little things. It's not much, but I don't want to change the look of the car too much. After all, it was Alice Cooper's car!

The guitar, signed by all four
band members, including
some lyrics from "School's
I was recently able to procure an autographed guitar that was originally part of the sale of the car. Apparently, the broker who wrote up the sale decided he was going to keep the guitar, and he ended up selling it on Ebay. Through numerous emails and a couple of very long distance phone calls, I was able to track down the guitar, and it will now accompany me on road trips to car shows. I mean, it IS part of "the car" when you talk about the Alice Cooper Challenger, right? I just look forward to hanging out at the show and meeting all of the people that I've been corresponding with on the ChallengerForumz that I've been frequenting since I purchased my Challenger in January, 2012.

The Tisas 1911 .45
Other than that, I have also been building my arsenal of weaponry at home. Given the state of society these days and the uncertainty of the Obama administration, I believe it's imperative that we be well-armed and ready for anything. Leslie has gone through the Carry Concealed Weapon classes, and I will be going through them just as soon as I can get enrolled. I did manage to get my hands on a Smith & Wesson .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol, as well as a Tisas 1911 .45 semi-automatic pistol. These, along with a half-dozen boxes of hollow point ammo, and I should be good to go. The S&W pistol is the concealed carry weapon, while the Tisas is the home defense weapon. They compliment Leslie's .380 semi-automatic pistol that she carries. Believe me when I tell you--we're armed and ready!
The Smith & Wesson .40

I guess I'll close for now. Hopefully, the next time I post, I'll be home, and no longer in this God-forsaken hell hole. If I have to eat one more grilled cheese sandwich or one more ice-cream scoop of mashed potatoes, I'm going to scream. Combine that with the weekly "INCOMING INCOMING INCOMING" alerts, and you've got yourself a true hell. I have 39 days left at Bagram as of today--and assuming I have a job to go home to. Wish me luck!

Until next time....