Saturday, February 10, 2007

Colts win the Super Bowl--and other anomalies

Well, I gotta say that I'm so proud THE COLTS WON THE SUPER BOWL! It was indeed a great day for the household, as I have somewhat converted my spouse into a Colts fan, and she was able to celebrate with us. We had a great party with lots of food and lots of people, and a good time was had by all. Oh, and did I mention THE COLTS WON THE SUPER BOWL!

In other news, the new wheels/tires for my car finally arrived after those that were on the car were damaged in an accident on 12/26 last year as I was leaving town for work. The car was damaged on both sides in a freak accident caused by a 78 year old man not paying attention (read: not my fault!). The car looks great--thanks to A & J Collision Repair, whom I have been using for about 10 years now. The guys did a great job on the car, and $5000 later, we have most of the car repainted and a full set of new tires and Tempo R wheels to go with them!

I have also finally re-established a relationship with my soon-to-be 17 year old son, although he still is very much lacking in the responsibility department. He likes to act like he knows what is going on, but in actuality, he knows very little. He totaled his mom's car a couple of months ago acting like an idiot (aren't most 16 year olds?), and now he's still unemployed and acting like he is, in his words, a "caublasian"...1/3 caucasian, 1/3 black and 1/3 asian. I don't know what that's all about, but I smell some pretty deep bullshit. Welcome to my life.

Other than that, not much else has changed. We saw a very LIGHT snowfall last week, but being in Arkansas, it actually amounted to two days out of school for the 'school people', as it was actually two separate "storms", either one resulting in a whopping 1" of snow on the ground. Of course there was a bit of ice, too...but for the most part, it was all bark and no bite. Welcome to Arkansas.

Well, that's enough for now. I'm so happy my Colts made it thru the Super Bowl, and once I have all of my Super Bowl XLI commemorative memorabilia in (newspapers, Sports Illustrated, autographed helmet, etc.), I'll post photos for all of the haters out there! Until next time....