Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Car accidents, snow, weddings and anniversaries

OK, so a LOT has happened since my last post. Where shall I begin...?

February 12 - I am involved in a head-on collision on my way to work, and my car is totaled. Want to hear the irony? The final payment on the car was received the day before. When I got the title a week later, the date on it was 2/12/08. So as it stands, the car I just paid off is now in a junkyard awaiting its fate as a 'parts car', while I shop for my next set of wheels. I have my heart set on a Hyundai Tiburon GT V6, and it looks like it's going to happen. The car is slightly customized and will fit me very well--the only "issue" is that it has black leather seats. This is almost always a no-no in Arkansas because of the hot summers, but I guess I will survive! I'm gonna miss my Mazda, though...we've been through a lot these past 5 1/2 years....

February 23 - my daughter turns 15. Ugh. I'm old. Fortunately for me, she's been an absolute delight thus far. She tries so hard to please everyone, and does it with gusto. She's just so damned nice...makes me fear for her when she's released out into the world. There are too many guys like ME out there that want to take advantage of sweet hearts like hers. I guess I'll just have to keep the guns at the ready...they can always be cleaned at those 'opportune' moments.

February 27 - my third anniversary. Wow. Who would have thought? It was a relatively normal day, with one exception. We got a house full of furniture as an anniversary gift to each other. Taxes came in (thanks, Uncle Sam) to the tune of nearly $6000, and I couldn't just let it sit there and not be spent! We went to Furniture Row and bought all new living room furniture. The shit we had was circa 1986, and was really tired. So now we have all of this nice furniture to sit on when we watch my recently-acquired 47" LCD television. Did I mention that? I got it as payment for building and hosting a website for Rush Satellite--the address is www.rushsatellite.com. Not a bad job, if I do say so myself!

February 28 - I perform my first wedding as an ordained minister. Did I forget to mention that I am an ordained minister? I have a website for that, too--www.ministerinaminute.org. I have two more weddings scheduled in the next few weeks, and several more are pending. Summer is usually the "busy" season, so we'll just have to wait and see! The couple I married are very nice...and very young. I have seen better situations that don't last and worse situations that do, so I have to hope that it works out for them. They have a baby on the way soon, so the stress at their age (they're 19) is going to be tough. I remember those days, and can really relate to their position. Good luck to you, Robyn and Brandin!

March 4 - I wake up this morning to 2" of snow on the ground. Remember--we're in Arkansas...in March. There are places here that got a foot of snow, while others just got a few flakes. I work about 20 minutes north of here, and they had about 4" of snow on the ground by the time I got to work. Unfortunately, the Arkansas weather prevailed, and by 2:00 in the afternoon, the snow was all but a memory here. It was our first and only snowfall of the season. It looks like we may just be heading into spring without much more than that. Such is life in Arkansas.

I guess that's all for now. I'm still anticipating the start of football season, but it looks like I've got just about 6 months. Maybe this year will be better for my beloved Colts! Until next time...