Monday, February 20, 2006

Is it winter? Spring? Winter again? Spring again?

I can't believe it's been SIX WEEKS since I last posted. I gotta get on the ball! There's just been SO much going on it's hard to get it all done. Where should I start? At the last post, I had just gotten custody of my chit'lins, right? OK, I'll pick up from there...

We're now moved into the apartment in Greenbrier...for those of you who haven't visited the webcam lately. It's a nice little townhouse, and the rent is affordable. The kids are rocking and rolling in school--it's still a struggle, but they seem to be turning it around. I guess when you're as far gone as they were, it will take some time to get the trailerpark out of 'em. They seem to be quite happy here, and they make no bones about it. It's sad that it took this kind of epiphany to bring it out, but better late than never!

It also appears as though the ex has gained a co-habitant in the trailerpark. The first attention she's had in 6 years, and damned if she doesn't follow the prediction I made after we divorced to a 'T' and move the sonofabitch right on in! I predicted marriage by summer--we'll see how that goes. The guy is quite suited to her, but then again, I guess the field of choices is quite limited when you live that kind of life. They'll make beautiful music the high life in perpetual 'manufactured housing'. Given their skill level and income, that's likely the best they can do. Sad, but true. It's a match made in aisle 9 at Wal Mart! The wedding reception will probably consist of Pabst Blue Ribbon and fish sticks. CHEERS!

You see, I don't get it. If you had seen us just 2-3 years ago, you would swear that we were best friends. We talked several times a week, we confided in each other, and we actually were able to lean on each other to some degree. It was nice having someone comfortable like that. But oddly enough, just as soon as I became unemployed (involuntarily--see previous posts) and the money wasn't rolling in on time, it went downhill. Soon after that, I met Leslie, and when the thought of me being with someone permanently that wasn't as selfish and controlling as Lauren (BITCH), she went into some kind of "bitch" mode. She became distant, and then she became downright angry. She then began to use the kids as pawns to try to hurt me, as if taking them away would hurt anyone other than them. It was at that point that the two of us began our divergence. Once it reached the climax last December, our contact has now been reduced to one or two brief phone calls a month--usually to discuss why some monetary restitution hasn't been made, or to arrange pickup or drop off. Very sad. I guess it will work itself out eventually, but what a waste.

So my first anniversary is just a few days away, and I have to say it's been a very good year--with a lot of drama and trials mixed in. I guess when you make a blended family like that, there will always be some issues. A lot of the issues were brought on by changes necessitated by the custody--moving away from my wife's home has been tough. Fortunately, it's only temporary, and come this summer, we SHOULD be all back together again. Don't let there be a mistake--we've had our disagreements! We're both hard-headed as hell, and we have very strong personalities. It takes a special person to put up with a person with my past, as well as my present. It seems as though I may have latched on to that person, and as much as we fuss, in the end, there's nothing but "LUBBINS". I always wanted someone I could look at and think, "She's my strength." How lucky did I get?! Happy 1st anniversary, Baybee!

Last but not least, my kids' birthdays are this week. Trevor will be 16 and Taarna will be 13. GOD I'm getting old! Trevor has a truck waiting for him if he can get his grades up to an acceptable level, and I'll be happy to let him at it. I'm personally tired of it sitting outside and not being driven. To coin a phrase I used to use in the past, "Time...." So, with that said, Happy Birthday to my babies. May the next year of your life be better than the last!

That's enough for now. I keep saying I'll post more frequently, but rarely do. I guess if I posted more frequently, my posts wouldn't be so damn long and drawn out! I hope everyone's having a good year so far...and with that said, I close with my traditional line. Until next time....