Thursday, July 08, 2010

LRSD finds even more to waste money on

I don't write very often, but when I see the DUMBEST people in the world blowing money on some stupid consultant to come in and tell them that everything they're doing is OK?! What the fuck is that? Hey, LRSD school board--YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS! I've been to an LRSD board meeting, and it resembles a monkey fucking a football. That man-beast in charge of the board...I've seen better heads on a corpse! There's not enough collective intelligence in the entire board to tie a velcro shoe! Jesus tapdancing Christ...this makes me want to go out and just go postal on the entire board! How goddamn stupid can you be?! NINETY THOUSAND DOLLARS to work 36 days A YEAR??!! Are you fucking KIDDING me?

You ass clown waste of space. Katherine Mitchell--you need to be drawn and quartered for all of the money you've wasted. You should be thrown to a pack of angry pit bulls for being so arrogant as to drive that district into the ground! YOU ARE A WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT. the world a favor...die in a fire.

Little Rock School District board meeting on agreement for special services - | KTHV | Little Rock, AR