Sunday, November 21, 2004


On Friday, November 12, 2004, at approximately 8:30 in the morning I underwent a septoplasty and submucous resectioning operation, as well as removing over a half-dozen nasal polyps, some as large as a quarter. This was not my idea of a good time.

This is a side view that shows the
general position of the septum in relation
to the facial structure. The septoplasty
only dealt with the septal cartilage
and did not affect the bones in my nose.

My septum had become deviated.
That is to say it bowed out to one side
in its growth. This had the effect of
almost entirely blocking the airflow
into that side of my nose. This is not a good thing.

This blockage was leaving my sinuses on that side without enough airflow for them to ever dry properly. As a result, the nasal fluid which was being produced kept them too wet and also flowed down into my throat. This had several effects.

First off, it had left me more susceptible to colds. Over the past few years I would usually come down with four or five colds a year. All too frequently, this would also lead to a sinus infection and sometimes to bronchitis as well.

Also, whenever the seasons changed and/or the humidity varied greatly, my sinuses would react. Without any room on the right side to expand, this meant enormous pressure in that area and that meant for some whopping headaches on my part.

Finally, the near constant flow of excess nasal fluid down my throat kept me with a almost constant mild cough. That left me more susceptible to the bronchitis.

To make matters worse, my left side nasal passage was also becoming blocked. Not from the septum growing into it but because the septum was growing away from it. Along the fleshy portion of the insides of your nostrils are glands called the turbanates. These are there to warm and moisten the air passing through your nose before it reaches your sinuses. Because my septum had bowed over to the right, that left more space on the left. Space with the turbanate on that side began growing into. Once the septum was straightened this excess turbanate growth on the left side would serve to block my nasal passage on that side. So, I was being short changed on both ends! I also had several polyps, some of which had grown to the size of a quarter that were blocking 85-90% of the air flow through the left side of my nose. The solution was to cut loose the turbanate on that side, shave it down so that it was much thinner, and then reattach it. This meant that both sides of my nose would be a mess for the time it took them to heal. I also had to have the polyps removed, which would leave any untouched areas of my sinuses well-aggravated.

However, the surgery on both my septum and turbanate will hopefully correct my breathing difficulties, my constant drainage difficulties, and my over-susceptibility to colds, sinus infections and bronchitis. That is the game plan at least. I will have to wait for it all to heal up before anyone can tell.

The surgery itself went fine, near as I can tell. The recovery was pretty standard with no complications. That, however, doesn't mean it was fun or easy. In fact, it was one of the more miserable times of my life.

The first day I was very doped up from the surgery. The anesthesia left me very out of it and then the Vicodin that I took afterwards left me feeling very wired. I was exhausted from the surgery and in need of sleep yet the Vicodin was keeping me awake. That was my particular reaction to that drug. After the second night I stopped taking it because of that.

My surgeon told me that I should sleep in an upright position so that my sinuses would drain properly and also so as to reduce the circulatory pressure on the surgical incisions. For the first couple of days I was wearing a "mustache" gauze pad dressing over the end of my nose. This was to catch the near constant flow of nasal fluid and blood as my nasal passages recovered from the operation. After a couple of days I was able to dispense with wearing this during they day, I just had to keep blotting the end of my nose constantly. I would only put on the dressing at night so I didn't make a mess of things on my pillows.

Sleeping was extremely difficult for me in those first few days. I had propped up some pillows so that I was pretty well supported in an almost seated position. I was able to catch some sleep in that position but only some sleep. I would usually be able to doze off for about two hours or so at a stretch. Then I would wake up. I would wake up with just enough energy to not be able to sleep again for a while and then doze off again. For about two or three days I was unable to get any good, solid sleep. Certainly not any REM sleep and I was really feeling its lack. In short, I was exhausted. My body ached I was so tired.

Yet for the first two nights I was also very wired from the Vicodin pain killers I had been prescribed. I tried switching to Darvocet but got much the same reaction. It was a jittery sort of feeling for me. Much like you'd get from having one too many pots of coffee. This isn't good if it is sleep that you need the most.
Finally on Wednesday night/Thursday morning at about 3:30 I had had enough. I couldn't take trying to sleep in that position any more. I had to lay down. So, I did. I first laid flat out on my back. I did feel some increase in pressure in my nose but not much. Then I went for the gusto and tried rolling over on my side. That is my preferred sleeping position. I did it! I was able to lay on my side - and do so without my nose exploding all over my face! I was elated! This was the first time I was able to be in this position since the surgery. At last, I could now get a real night's sleep. And that I did. I slept for about four hours that night, the longest straight through time since the surgery. Things got better after that.

Thursday night/Friday morning I awoke in the middle of the night to find myself shivering. I was deeply chilled - and this while I was under sheet, blanket and comforter! I was shivering so badly my whole body was physically shaking. This was very strange. I got up and moved around my house hoping that this would warm me up. It didn't. I was shaking worse now. So I tried a trick I learned from watching a science program on TV. No, I'm not kidding. It was a cable show that had been on a few years back and it was called "Beyond 2000."

In this one episode they were demonstrating some of the new equipment for dealing with cold weather accidents. One of these was a device to more effectively treat hypothermia. Whereas most previous methods only warmed the body from the outside in, this one warmed it from the inside out. A much more effective and faster means of doing the job. To get about this they used steam. They had a small burner and water container. The idea was to get the water heated quickly and then have the victim inhale the steam vapor. This would get the hot vapor into their lungs. That would both warm the chest cavity with the vapor's heat and it would warm the blood in the lungs which would then course through the rest of the body warming it as well. All in all this is a very neat idea. So, I tried to emulate it.

I put some water in a saucepan and turned up the heat beneath it. In a short while it was steaming and I was breathing in directly over the pan. I quickly realized that I was probably inhaling gas vapors as well so once the water was well steaming, I turned off the burner. The water continued to steam off and my inhaling that really did the trick. In short order my shaking had stopped and I felt much warmer. I was able to go back to sleep soon thereafter. The next night I also experienced a chill while in bed but it was nowhere near as severe. Strange indeed.

Friday, November 19, was a big day and one that I was much looking forward to. That was the day I would go back to my surgeon's office and he would then remove the splints he had placed in my nose. They were there to keep the septum together and straight as it healed. I wanted that to happen as I didn't want to have to undergo this procedure again. I also wanted those damned things out of my nose as well. Mostly because I knew that it would be a major milestone in my being fully healed. Those things had been up my nose for a week and it was high time to be done with them!

Hard to believe this is what was up my nose for a week. Gross huh? Yes, I did clean these off before I scanned their image in - you don't think I'd want to mess up my scanner do you?

Even more amazing are some of the details. These splints are actually pieces of a whitish translucent flexible plastic sheet. Cut to shape to fit the inner contours of my nasal passages. Each splint is about a sixteenth of an inch thick, and inch wide and about two and a half inches long!

The numbers in the photo above show where the suture went through the splints to hold them in place. To do that they also ran through my septum. There were six such punctures. That meant they had to run through my septum cartilage six times. Through one side and out the other. Six times. Ouch! This also means that I now can say that I have had my nose pierced! And not just one little old piercing but six! I'd like to see anyone with some piddling little 10 gauge nose ring try topping that! Hah!

You'll notice I also pointed out some "grip marks." Those were the down side of these splints. I have been told in no uncertain terms that having splints up my nose for a week was a helluva lot better than having a surgical packing up my nose for a week. Packing my nose would have meant stuffing gauze dressing up my nose. Lots of gauze dressing. Yards of it in fact. No, that is not an exaggeration. Gauze is thin enough and there is enough space in the nasal cavities that most packing does involve yards of the stuff. Not a pretty thought and even less pretty when it comes out after a week!

Luckily I didn't have to go through that. So the week I spent with these splints up my nose was not made more uncomfortable by their being there. It was the removal of them that was problematic.

You'll notice there are six holes in each splint where the single long suture strand was placed to hold the splints in place. The suture was very effective at doing that. Perhaps the job could have been done with just two or three "anchoring" cross through punctures. Perhaps. Six though, served to anchor those puppies in there but good.

On Friday morning, my surgeon looked up my nose, sprayed some Neosenephrine up there to dilate things and then sprayed some Novocaine up there to numb things. Then he set to work removing the suture. That was not a particularly painful thing. The Novocaine was helpful in this and the suture itself was pretty easy to remove. When you got to it. Satisfied that he had gotten to them, my surgeon then picked up his forceps, locked them in place on one of the splints, and pulled it out. Or at least he tried. And he tried pretty hard. Several times. On both sides. He failed. Badly.

They wouldn't budge. They didn't move. They were still anchored in place. I was in pain. REAL pain. A deep, grinding, howling pain - and howl I did! I think everyone in the Conway Regional medical office building heard me yelling in pain. My doctor heard me too. Good thing, that. I was covered in a cold sweat and I was panting for breath it hurt so bad.

"Sorry about that. They usually come right out. I think I need a longer pair of scissors" he said and then left the room. A few minutes later he was back with that longer pair of scissors. Some more Neosenephrine, some more Novocaine a little bit more work with those longer scissors, and then it was back to the forceps. I braced myself for more pain and was relieved that it didn't happen. Instead, the splints came out. Not quite "right out" but close enough considering what had happened just before. I was relieved that this was over and amazed to see what they looked like.

I also realized that the good doctor had screwed up. He had missed cutting loose one or more lengths of the suture thread he had placed in my nose to hold those splints in place. That is why they wouldn't budge when he yanked on them. He gripped them hard enough to leave those "grip marks" in the plastic. And he pulled really hard. Those lengths of missed suture anchored those splints in place like they were welded there. Lucky me. Is this what medical malpractice suits are made of?

In his defense though, it was rather easy to miss one or more of those things. There isn't a lot of space (width wise) in your nasal passages. With the nasal fluid and swollen glands obscuring things it is hard to see what you are doing up there. Also, the ends from one length of suture threaded through my septum could have easily blended with the ends of another length and the suture thread itself was of a color that didn't stand out where it was placed. Still though, this was not a fun thing to have to go through. Although it does at least it make for a good story.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Catching up on things

It's been a while since my last post, and that's not my fault! I've just been so damn busy at work that I haven't got much of a life, and what time I do have is spent with my kids or doing some weekend project! I have a few minutes today because I'm hiding out in my new classroom.

The female situation is up and down, depending on which way the wind is blowing. I have more or less put my personal relationship into a 'hold' pattern until I get my situation squared away with my kids. I can't divulge much information about what's going on, but suffice to say, their grades, their lives, and everything about them is about to take a turn for the better.

And, for those idiots out there that feel it necessary to copy/paste shit out of my blog--get a life! You're so damn stupid you couldn't find your ass with both hands and a roadmap. Get off my case, because you're not doing anything but making ME look better. I've gotten responses from AOL about who you are, and if you choose to continue being a total ass clown, I will have no choice but to turn that information over to your local police department. What you're doing is called slander, and I would love nothing more than to see you wasting dollar after dollar of your money defending yourself for being a complete and total tool. Any questions?

Until next time...

Friday, September 24, 2004

My first night out in weeks! the Paper Moon...for my first night out in many, many
weeks...we're going to see Amber Lynn (

Life seems to be improving!

Until next time...

Saturday, September 18, 2004

A brief update

I figured I would send something along, as it's been a while. The reason I haven't written is just because there's not a lot to report. I get up, I go to work, I come home, I go to bed. It's a simple life!

If I were to point out anything at all, I guess I could just ramble on about how my life is going in general. The drive to work, albeit a long one, isn't THAT bad. Yes, it's 160 miles a day round trip, but once I get my XM Radio reactivated, that will be a breeze. Right now, I get stuck listening to two stations in the morning, and that's usually just crap and commercials. I need my HAIR BANDS! Oh, well...soon enough...

The word on the Halloween nuptials is this--uncertain. Depending on which way the wind blows and whether or not the medication works, it goes from true love to near hate in a matter of moments. I'm sure I have something to do with that, but DAMN! So, the earlier post describing the wedding looks like it won't be taking place on schedule. Such is life.

Until next time...

Sunday, August 29, 2004

A busy month...

It's been a while since I've updated, so I'll take a minute or two to post a few thoughts about what's been going on since my last missive.

Work at the school has been hectic and long. The hours are many, and the work is even more. There's enough work for three people, and only enough time for one. My predecessor had left the campus in a shambles, and it's going to take a while to get it back into shape. Slowly but surely...

My son's first football game (ok, so it was a scrimmage) was last week, and apparently he's a pretty scrappy little fella. The scrimmages were only 8 downs offense and 8 downs defense, so it didn't leave a lot of time to get a full idea, but he did have a couple of sacks and a tackle in the backfield, so it looks promising. He's now sizing in at 6'1" and weighing in at nearly 160 pounds. He's bulking up as his body catches up to his hormones, but there's still the pre-teen sneaking out every now and then.

My daughter started soccer again this year--thankfully. She needed to get out and play again, as she's been bitching for two years that she wanted to play, but never got around to signing up. She plays on the big fields now, so it will be interesting to see if she's really as willing to play as she says. There's a LOT more running than on the smaller 'kid' fields, and she's become so prissy that I don't really see her running that much. Time will tell there. It's just good to see her out doing something.

Not a lot else to report. The summer heat fortunately never found its way here this year, winter is not far away, and The Edge did away with their message board (that part will only make sense to one immature shithead--you know who you are and so do I). So, until next time...

Thursday, August 05, 2004

The first week back at work

Well, it's been over a week now, and I have to say--it's great to be back at work! I know it's not as glamorous or "prestigious" as working at Clear Channel, but the nice thing is, when that last bell rings, my day is OVER (if I want it to be). I don't have weekend or holiday work, and I am the ONLY person there that does what I do. I'm the #1 man for the network, and man, is that a fucked up network!

It appears as though my predecessor was somewhat of a hack, and rather than fix things the right way, he would use duct tape and paper clips to hold things together just long enough to get approval from the superiors. I've found these truths to be no more literal than in the very computer that controls the entire campus--internet, email, network--it was literally held together with duct tape, and had paper clips holding in the CD drive and the floppy drive. What kind of shit is that?

So I have my work cut out for me. I have to clean up the mess that Hackboy made, as well as get all 65 of the student lab computers up and running. Oh, and did I mention that I have exactly one week to complete the mission? worries. If someone like him can do it, I know I can do it in my sleep with both hands tied behind my back.

So, that's the report for now. Check back next time, as there will be some nifty gadgets to show...if I can get them to work! Until next time...

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The search is over

It is now official--I am no longer in the ranks of the unemployed. I was hired today by the Shirley School District as their technology coordinator. What that encompasses is simple--anything and everything that has to do with computers, it's my duty. Along with my duties as technology coordinator, I will also be assisting the basketball coach for the boys and girls teams. That's certainly not a prestigious job when you're talking about a small school like Shirley, but it is a job that I love to do.

Thank you for all of your supportive emails, phone calls and messages. The last 7 months and 8 days have been nothing short of hell. But alas, every beginning is a new beginning's end. Oh, and fuck Clear Channel.

Until next time...

One other thing...

For those of you that have asked, the job with the Log Cabin Democrat fell
through. It's unfortunate, as I know I could have fulfilled every aspect of
the position. I know that I gave my best for this position, and as much as I
wanted the job, it just wasn't in the cards for me. So, my quest continues,
and life goes on.

Until next time...

Monday, July 26, 2004

Jobs, jobs, jobs

So, I'm still interviewing these days...2-3 a week...hoping that my plight will soon be over. Then, last week, I see the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Magic 105 (actually it's Clear Channel) fires their long-time morning show host, Tommy Smith, aka "The Outlaw".

Now, before you go bashing and hating because I say this, keep in mind that these same heathens that gave Tommy Smith the axe sent me packing mere months ago, beginning a lengthy depression and social spiral to my current status. Clear Channel has reached new heights of ignorance in their zeal to be #1, and this is just another sign of that ignorance. Why would you fire a station's bread and butter, even if he's controversial and no on top as he used to be, without him, the station may well be on its way to hell.

So, fear not, faithful followers. I will be employed soon, and you will once again see the work cam back up and running. You'll also get more regular updates on here, as my life will become a bit more dynamic than what it is today--sleep, eat, crunch job boards, read classifieds, eat, watch TV...lather, rinse, repeat.

It's been a long year...

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Unemployment and kids

Well, this past week, I had 4 interviews--each went well in its own respect. However, the one that stood out as the most promising was with the Log Cabin Democrat. Robyn Green is the current Director of Internet Services, and he has chosen to return to school after his upcoming marriage, as his bride-to-be apparently makes some serious change under the employ of Acxiom. I am very hopeful about this position, as it seems to be the most fitting to my qualifications and my abilities. I am supposed to get the "final word" Monday or Tuesday, so maybe this 7 month fuster cluck will be over soon...although it's never soon enough!

Along other lines, I recently came into contact with a former co-worker turned musical artist. It turns out that during the one month she and I worked together, the name that I chose for her (Leanne Bridges) stuck, and she will be using it professionally! How cool is that? She plans to follow the route of Evanescence star Amy Lee by playing the club/small venue scene locally in hopes that she'll be discovered. Best wishes to Leanne, as I know that you likely have a long uphill battle ahead of you. *hugs*

And finally, there's my children. The very means of my existence. They spent a week with me last week, and I learned a lot of things about them that reminded me of the inevitable--they're growing up. My son is now 14 with a voice every bit as deep as mine, and he is about as coordinated as an octopus in a hurricane. My daughter is now 11 going on 23, and the child needs to get her "little visitor" soon! She's about to drive both her mother and I crazy! She gets that whole head-and-shoulders attitude thing going, and you just want to send her thru the wall! But then you see her sweet little face, and you wonder how anyone couldn't love such a sweet thing. So, as dear old dad draws another day closer to retirement, I just look at my kids and I know what life is all about.

Until next time...

Monday, July 05, 2004

The world as I see it today

First off, I got bored today, so I sat down and configured a new desktop theme. This one is particularly interesting and has lots of cool stuff on it. If you want to take a look...

With that said, I find myself feeling much improved today--not because I've found work or because of anything else. It's simply because I've had my kids for the past 4 1/2 days, and it was just really nice. They've recently moved into a new "house" (read: trailer) just this month, so until the new wears off, they're enjoying their newfound territory. I know that soon enough, it will be my turn. Leslie's house will sell, and we'll be moving to Greenbrier to rent a house while we draw up the plans for the 2500 square foot Victorian that we've got in the plans.

All of this hinges, of course, on the amount of money that my not-yet-found job will provide. I keep my fingers crossed about several possibilities, but nobody was in the office today to make any decisions, so I await tomorrow. And, as soon as word comes across, the who and where will be posted here for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure, depending on who you are).

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

As I see this site, I wonder who has such an affliction. Perhaps if any visitors that feel like they have a problem, they should consult this information right away.

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Stupid people

You know, there's one thing I can't stand, and that is stupid people. Stupid people without cause or reason who go blindly through life, doing all they can to try to make other's lives as pathetic and sad as their own. These same people will spout forth with comments and rhetoric that are neither intelligent nor prudent.

So, take note, stupid people--and you know who you are--you keep on with your immature and innane rantings. In the end, it is you who will end up feeling left out. It takes a special person to see past such belligerent missives, but you have met your match.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Birthdays and weekends

So today is my birthday. As I sit here awaiting the 3:00pm NASCAR race, I consider a few things about birthdays. This year, my birthday isn't as festive and jovial as in past years. Unemployment has worn very thin on me, and in turn, on my pockets. If it weren't for a supportive family with a shred of pity, I would likely be sitting in a box on the street, begging for pocket change. Anyways, 37 years ago, my shiny white ass was brought into this world, and it's never been the same since!

The worst day to have a birthday on has to be a Sunday. You can't party on Sunday night, and it seems premature to do it on the preceding Saturday. I'm not one for all of the glory and shennanigans that normally take place on a birthday, although last year I ended up being carried out of the club of my choosing, as everyone and their dog bought the birthday boy a drink! Next year, I look for a Monday birthday. Yay. How fun. Monday sucks anyways, and to have a birthday on a Monday sucks really bad. I still have 3 years before the big four-oh, but it's approaching rapidly. My son graduates high school when I'm 41, and I truly believe that will be MUCH more traumatic than any 40th birthday could ever be. Ugh.

Oh, well, I guess I should quit bitching about getting older. I only have two choices--get busy living, or get busy dying. I sure as hell ain't gonna do the latter, so I guess I should get busy living. Until next time...

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Current desktop

OK, so I'm bored. I figured I'd start something that I've seen in some of the other forums that I visit--a screenshot of my current desktop. So, here ya go!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Life in a single world

First off, HAPPY 39th BIRTHDAY to my brother. You da man, ya old bastard!

OK, so I'm sitting here, contemplating several things. First off, about a year ago, I had been totally devastated by one mean-ass bitch of an ex-girlfriend. I was drinking nightly, wasting money I didn't have, trying to find a way to cope. Lo and behold, it was to no avail. Time was definitely not on my side, but nevertheless, it passed.

Now, I have met someone who is actually compatible with me. She's not selfish, she's not a bitch, and she doesn't insist that everything goes her way. It's amazing the difference a year makes! Now I'm engaged, and the pending marriage isn't far off. So as I read through some of the engagement announcements to get an idea of what mine should say, here's what I've come up with so far...

"The engagement and forthcoming marriage of Dr. Leslie Purdy of Little Rock and Aaron Hoyt of Little Rock, formerly of Greenbrier, is being made known.

The bride-elect is a daughter of Mrs. Linda Higgs and Tommy Purdy, both of Malvern. The prospective groom is a son of Mrs. Jane Mount of Lafayette, Indiana, and Dr. Arthur Hoyt, Jr. of Wooster.

The bride-elect is a graduate of Malvern High School. She graduated from Henderson State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology. She received her master’s degree from Henderson State University in Biology Education, and her Doctorate degree from Americus University in Washington D.C. She is currently a chemistry teacher at Hall High School in Little Rock.

The prospective groom is a graduate of St. Joseph High School in Conway. He graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science degree in physical science, and is currently working as technology coordinator for the Shirley School District.

The couple will be married in a midnight ceremony on October 31 at The Old Mill Wedding Chapel in Hot Springs. The reception will be a costume party that will precede the nuptials in a non-traditional ceremony. Only out-of-town invitations will be sent. All friends and family are invited to attend. The honeymoon will be a cruise to Nassau, Bahamas."

The ring:

Click for the big view

The happy couple

Click for the big view

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Father's Day

You know, I never really gave much of a damn about Father's Day until I became one. It was then that I realized that without fathers, there would be no chit'lins. My children both acknowledged the day, and made sure that I knew that I was thought about. It was great! So, for those of you who are lucky enough to have your dad around, make sure you acknowledge him. And for those dads out there, you have my congratulations, and a Happy Father's Day wish! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Unemployment sucks

People ask me what it's like to be unemployed. And there is no easy answer to describe it.
It's different for everyone, but I've noticed that there are about 3 different types of unemployed people.
The 'Fuck the company and the whole fucking world' type:
Those that have never gotten over the fact that they were laid off in the first place. They are bitter and still want to talk about the goings on at the company. Day after day after day. They've also given up on looking for a job but will never tell you that. They hear that people say jobs are hard to find, etc., but they don't seem to be doing any looking themselves. The information they collect and thrive on is purely hearsay. They stay up till 3am, wake up at 11am and watch TV in between the two. These people have shitty resumes, and don't care if their resume mixes past and future tenses. They are like, "Huh? Oh really? Does that matter?" They are so bitter that they get upset when other unemployed friends get interviews, let alone a job! I think they masturbate a lot and are always exhausted.
The 'Oh my fucking god' type:
This is the panicker type. Lots of anxiety. Must be online, must be looking for work at all times. Very automaton. These people set their alarms for early in the morning and pride themselves on finding a job posting first. They are all over the fucking job message boards and forums, and drive everyone else in their life batty with their 'Oh my fucking god, I don't have a job, I am a wreck' attitude. They still keep schedules and hardly ever goof off, thinking that if they do, they will lose out on some opportunity. They frantically check their voice and e-mail all the time. They go to those gay layoff parties to network, thinking it's actually gonna make a difference.
The 'Oh well, guess I'll take some classes or paint' type:
You don't see too many of these people out there, but they are the ones that can actually enjoy unemployment. They spend their time boosting their professional and technical skills, frequenting the gym (thus being their healthiest in 10 years), and catching up on all those novels and magazines next to the bed. Even though they know what's going on out there in jobless land, they don't get upset about it. They feel that this time off is an 'opportunity for personal growth'. These are the type of people that might be unemployed for a long time, but it somehow doesn't make a difference. They may even turn down jobs along the way because it won't be challenging enough, while the 'oh my fucking god' type will jump at every opportunity, no matter how lame. They are people who sometimes do yoga or meditate.