Saturday, July 10, 2004

Unemployment and kids

Well, this past week, I had 4 interviews--each went well in its own respect. However, the one that stood out as the most promising was with the Log Cabin Democrat. Robyn Green is the current Director of Internet Services, and he has chosen to return to school after his upcoming marriage, as his bride-to-be apparently makes some serious change under the employ of Acxiom. I am very hopeful about this position, as it seems to be the most fitting to my qualifications and my abilities. I am supposed to get the "final word" Monday or Tuesday, so maybe this 7 month fuster cluck will be over soon...although it's never soon enough!

Along other lines, I recently came into contact with a former co-worker turned musical artist. It turns out that during the one month she and I worked together, the name that I chose for her (Leanne Bridges) stuck, and she will be using it professionally! How cool is that? She plans to follow the route of Evanescence star Amy Lee by playing the club/small venue scene locally in hopes that she'll be discovered. Best wishes to Leanne, as I know that you likely have a long uphill battle ahead of you. *hugs*

And finally, there's my children. The very means of my existence. They spent a week with me last week, and I learned a lot of things about them that reminded me of the inevitable--they're growing up. My son is now 14 with a voice every bit as deep as mine, and he is about as coordinated as an octopus in a hurricane. My daughter is now 11 going on 23, and the child needs to get her "little visitor" soon! She's about to drive both her mother and I crazy! She gets that whole head-and-shoulders attitude thing going, and you just want to send her thru the wall! But then you see her sweet little face, and you wonder how anyone couldn't love such a sweet thing. So, as dear old dad draws another day closer to retirement, I just look at my kids and I know what life is all about.

Until next time...

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