Sunday, February 13, 2005

Valentine's Day and another chapter begins

So, Valentine's Day has arrived, and it's time for those big galoots to remember their sweeties, and for the scattered women to remember their man. I have great plans for my honey on Valentine's Day. First, it's a Swedish massage in her own living room in front of a crackling fire. Soft music, candles, and exotic oils surround the table as the masseuse works her magic on tired, overworked muscles. The utterances coming from her as skilled hands squeeze and knead up and down make the entire thing worthwhile. Disagreements are dissolved, arguments annihilated and fights forgotten. It all comes down to the concentrated power of those hands.

In the morning, there is a card in the bathroom as she goes to brush her teeth, and another at the coffee maker when she goes to make her morning cup of java. Then, as she departs for work, she finds a card in the front seat of her car. During the day, she'll receive a surprise visit from yours truly, bearing flowers, a card, and a single chocolate rose. Valentine's Day is no reason to overlook the perpetual diet!

That night, after arriving home, we will partake of a fulfilling meal at the restaurant of her choice--Olive Garden and Ciao's come to mind. We then arrive home for a bit of relaxing in front of the TV while we watch an episode or two of Law & Order before retiring for the evening. All in all, it will be a well-deserved evening for a well-deserved woman.

As I awaken Tuesday morning, my new job begins. I have left the narrow-minded school district that formerly employed me for a prestigious, good-paying job in Maumelle as a Systems Engineer for a computer consulting firm. Gone are the accusations, the unrelenting drama, and the ever-present prying eyes of the school. With every new job there come questions and uncertainties, and this is no exception. I already miss 'my kids' at the school, and I will even miss some of my co-workers. My superintendent will likely be the one I will miss the most.

Through all of the bullshit dealt out by a few brain damaged members of the school board, along with members of their immediate family, she never wavered...she never judged...she never questioned. Even after receiving a scathing, accusing "anonymous" letter, she took the time to research it fully before assuring me that everything was fine. It's amazing how, even through a rain of accusations, nothing could ever be proven--except for the fact that I have a big mouth. Wow. That's information. Anyone who's ever met me could attest to that fact. It's how I am. So, for your patience, I offer my most humble appreciation and respect. It's a shame that you're still stuck in the same cesspool, but your time is coming, my dear! :)

But enough about that hellhole. I look forward to my new office, my new co-workers, and the upcoming experience that is to follow. Hopefully it will only accent the pending custody hearing that is coming in just a few weeks. Maybe now we can all be a family, complete in almost every way. Nothing is perfect, but perhaps it's time for all of us to get the near-perfect life that we've always desired, and absolutely deserve.

My closing comments are simple. That small school district in northern Arkansas is doomed to be sucked into the consolidation, and the corrupt and pathetic school board members who caused so much mayhem will be justly removed and booted from the decision-making process. My new employer will reap the many benefits of my knowledge and personality, and my girlfriend may finally discover the "real me" that she's been waiting so long to see. God knows she deserves it!

Until next time...

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