Friday, April 22, 2005

Latest updates

It's been a long time since the last update, so I guess I'll sit down and jot down a few thoughts while I'm waiting for a meeting to start here at work.

First off, it's now been nearly two months since Leslie and I got married, and I must say it's been quite a pleasant time. After all of the stress and drama from before, it is nice to finally begin to reap the benefits of a relationship. There are always the bumps in the road, but I don't believe anyone can go without those. Especially when you're talking about people as bone-headed as we both are! Geez...

Then there's the house. What can I say but--wow. The house we are planning is nothing short of unbelievable. We've finally closed on the land that we're going to build on, and construction begins as soon as we've got it all ironed out. There is a PDF file of the house plans here. We have made a few minor changes to the plans, but to think that I could ever live in a house that size was, up until recently, unimaginable! With my new job going very well and Leslie's career well underway, it's just nice to be able to even consider such a beautiful place. If I were to pull out my mean streak, I would print out these plans and mail them to each and every ex-girlfriend I've ever had and say, "See what you could have had?" But, I digress. I will stick to the knowledge that we are happy and it will soon be our own little heaven on earth.

A few words about current events, then I'll wrap this up...

Michael Jackson - you are a freak, and you deserve to be raped by every Bubba that the prison system can send your way. When they're done, you need to just disappear from sight, never to be seen (or heard from) again. Blame whatever you want, but the rest of the world didn't turn out to be some pedophilic psychopath with a milk jug head. Take your casper milque toast ass away and don't come back.

The Pope - May Pope Benedict XVI's predecessor rest in peace. He was a good man, although his failing health for the past several years was nothing short of sad. Now that the search is over, it's time to move on. The world stops for nobody, and that includes the likes of a man as good as John Paul II.

Prince Charles - what were you thinking? You would prefer that wrinkled old bag to someone like Princess Diana? What?! Are you as stupid as you look? It makes me damn proud that our forefathers broke free of that country many years ago. Imagine if we were under the rule of someone like that! Gads.

American Idol - I'm still rooting for Scott, but I know his time is about up. Bo Bice is my choice, but I don't see a 30-something rocker being picked as American Idol. Chances are, it will go to Vonzell or Constantine. He is likely the most OVERrated contestant left, but his charm and sultry character could be enough to get him through. Carrie is super hot, but she doesn't have the inbred talent to persevere. I guess we'll see!

That's about it for now. Maybe my next update will be a little more timely. Or, maybe not. Who knows. Who cares. Until next time...

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