Saturday, January 15, 2005

A new year and resolutions

OK, I'm the worst when it comes to making resolutions. Here it is, 2 weeks into the new year, and I'm just now getting around to updating my blog. What the hell is up with that? Oh, I guess I've been BUSY!

Anyways, not a lot of new news to report. However, it appears as though my ex and I may have reached a happy medium as far as custody of the kids. She has agreed to allow the change as soon as I can get moved into a home of my own and get "settled". At that point, she *swears* that she'll let them move. I guess I'll get busy with that--nothing is more important right now!

Work is keeping me very busy, and I have to say that I've gotten quite a bit accomplished in a very short time. I still have quite a bit to get done, but it's starting to look like 'my place' finally! I've made a few friends at the school, and the kids seem to be taking to me quite well. There are always a few knuckleheads that give me problems, but all in all, they're a good bunch. As for the school board, I won't comment...

OK, it's time to get to bed. It's been a long, trying day, and tomorrow is the semifinals of the AFC Championship, and my Colts are still hanging in there! You can bet that Trevor and I will be glued to the TV from 3:00 until the final horn blows!

Until next time...

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