Saturday, September 08, 2007

NFL season begins once again

The Colts kick off the NFL season this year with a severe ass kicking handed to the New Orleans Saints, and I was there from kickoff to closing whistle. It appears as though the Colts of old are back and ready to kick ass. Mr. Joseph Addai stepped into some really big shoes left empty by Dominic Rhodes from last season--who, incidentally, has been suspended already for substance abuse in his new home. For those of you not "in the know", I am an die hard Colts fan, and that goes for the years when they went 2-14 to last year when they finally got their due and won the Super Bowl. I've been there all along, and win or lose, they're my boys! I can't wait until I've moved back to Indy, where snow and football go hand-in-hand.

Other that the much-anticipated kickoff of the NFL season, life is beginning to smooth out a bit. I have finally retained a position doing what I do best with a crew of people that give and receive respect equally well. My boss is the best a guy could ask for (actually ORDERED me not to work past 6:00 last Thursday so I wouldn't miss the Colts kickoff!), and the pay isn't too shabby, either. I won't divulge the firm I work for, but since they're not a LARGE company, it wouldn't matter anyway. Perhaps when I finish their new website, I'll give a little more insight as to my new employer. Or maybe not.

Now that the consecutive 100ยบ days have past, I am in the "cold weather" mode now, waiting for the temperatures to drop and the leaves to drop. Give me COLD weather anytime! That just puts me in a damn good mood. Hell yes.

Until next time...

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