Sunday, September 30, 2007


It's Sunday night. The Colts played their 4th game today. In near-typical style, it was a blowout in the RCA Dome. Could this be a possible 2-fer for the much-maligned Colts team? Time will tell!

I don't get much time to write in this thing because it seems like I am always WORKING! However, I did finally get my MCSA and MCSE certificates from Microsoft, so the tests that I took over the summer and paid for with my blood, sweat and tears are finally scored and permanent--I am now officially a Microsoft Certified System Administrator/System Engineer. And it only took me...what, 15 years?! Meh...better late than never!

On another note, we have decided to visit with Lowe's and have our kitchen remodeled. In its era (the 1970's), I'm sure it was a fine kitchen; however, here in the 2000's, I would say that the brown ceramic tile floor and the dropped ceiling are well past their time. It's time for maple hardwoods, maple cabinets, and an antique tin ceiling with era-appropriate lighting...something besides the drop-in fluorescent crap we have now! Why Lowe's, you ask? Well, I have this wild notion of doing it myself. I fancy myself a 'fair-to-middlin' carpenter, and with pre-fab cabinets and a hammer, I believe I can make it all happen. Besides, my brother and my dad are quite accomplished in carpentry, so if I get in too deep, I just make a phone call, and they'll come at their convenience to mop up! :)

That's enough for now. With the shorter (and cooler) days, my sleeping habits should soon return to something more normal. Tonight would be one of those times. And if things seemed a bit disjointed--it's because I've had a very long week. Until next time...

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