Saturday, August 04, 2007

Summer arrives with a vengeance

So here I was, thinking we were going to get through an entire summer without burning the hell up. Boy, was I wrong! The past two days, it has been 100º, and the prediction for the next SEVEN days is more of the same--100º, dry and humid. So we were lulled into complacency with the mild summer through June and July, only to be slapped broadside by August and the deadly hot temperatures. Have I mentioned how much I hate this place?

There is a lot going on in life right now, but nothing I can divulge at this time. My employment situation is about to change for the BETTER, but my personal life has taken a pretty extreme downward turn. I won't go into details for personal reasons, but suffice to say, it really sucks. I'll leave it at that and move on for now.

The Little Rock School District has to be the most incompetent school district in the world. I mean, my daughter transfers in to LRSD at the beginning of the 4th nine weeks last school year. When we go to enroll her into LR Central (yes, THAT Central), they don't have any record of her being a student, nor do they have her schedule. How damn stupid can a group of people be? It's no wonder that they're ranked so low--they couldn't find their ass with both hands and a road map! I have never been and advocate for the LRSD, nor will I ever be. I will, however, do what I can to get my child educated and out of that God-forsaken shithole. Is it just me, or are all of the Arkansas school districts full of a bunch of ass clowns that don't know what the hell they're doing? I worked for a district where the only person that had a clue about how to run the school got chased off because of her inability to be a "yes-man" (not to mention how they treated ME), then moved to another district where incompetent wanna-be's played more of a part than education, and now the LRSD shows their ass by losing my daughter. What a bunch of fucktards.

I can't wait to get out of this crapstack called Arkansas and move to where people don't drag their knuckles when they walk, and they can actually maintain more than 7 teeth at a time. Where is that, you ask? Indiana. My birthplace, my dream place, and my permanent residence--eventually. Four complete seasons, a great pro football team (GO COLTS!), a family that is an absolute dream to be with, and an education system that makes Arkansas look like a badly-choreographed Head Start program.

I've had enough. I'll just go now before I get pissed. Until next time...

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