Friday, June 08, 2007

What is wrong with people?!

Anna Nicole Smith...Paris Hilton...Nicole Ritchie...Lindsay Lohan...I have seen all of these names pop up at the TOP of the CNN and MSNBC websites over the past several months. They've been drinking and driving, passing out at parties, falling over themselves, and in the case of Ms. Smith, dying. As tragic as this may seem to some, let's have a nice tall glass of reality.

Iraq...Iran...Afghanistan...these are all countries we have heard some about in the past few years. Ask someone before September 11 where Baghdad is, and they'd simply shrug and say, "I have no idea."

Now, that's not the case. We all know where Baghdad is. We all know where Afghanistan is. We all know where Iran is. And we've all seen the many faces of the towel-headed freaks that act as if they're some kind of god. My opinion? Kill them all and let God sort them out! The whole point is, why are Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith so important that they get headline news on CNN, MSNBC, Fox and any other news channel, but the soldiers who give their lives to see that we have the freedom to horde information about these damn celebrities don't even qualify for more than a blip showing "another soldier dies in Iraq today..." and nothing more is said. These soldiers have families--children, spouses, mothers, fathers--who are all deeply saddened by the death of their loved one. At the same time, these people at least can hold their head up because their loved one died to liberate freedom for us.

My brother-in-law recently completed his second tour in the Middle East. A tour in Afghanistan and a tour in Iraq flying Apache helicopters. Think he wasn't a prime target? He was shot at numerous times, but was fortunate enough to get out with his ass still intact. Now I have a nephew headed to Iraq as an infantryman. In case you didn't know, these guys are more like the pawns on a chess board. They are the front-line defense in the approach to hot spots, and are typically the first ones to put their ass on the line. There is a good chance he'll come home alive and well, but the odds of him being injured or worse are also too high for comfort. If he gets injured or killed, will that death warrant a headline on CNN? I can answer that--NO. He will be another one lumped in with the sub-headline "Another soldier dies in Iraq." No families...just a small blip.

For those who have lost family members in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Korea, Germany, the Philippines, and any other foreign land that the US occupies--I remember them, and I thank you. You are all important, and your loved one did not die in vain. As for these celebrities getting all of the attention, you are all welcome to die in a fire. These people are dying for YOUR freedom. Who are you to think you're better than any one of them?

I've said enough. I need to go find something patriotic to do. My soldiers depend on it. Until next time...

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