Monday, May 20, 2013

It's time to come home

Well, after spending the last 15 months abroad in places like Kuwait and Afghanistan, my time here has come to a close. I have six days left in Afghanistan before flying to Kuwait for a few days, then home. It's been a long, trying, HOT time, but I have made a lot of money, gained a lot of good experience, and seen a lot of things--some of which I hope to never see again. One of those things happened just a couple weeks ago--a 747 cargo plane crashed just a short distance from our living quarters. The video of the crash is here. I was awake, and heard the distinct "THUMP" when the plane hit the ground, and I was able to get out to see the huge plume of black smoke from the initial impact. What a horrific sight it was to behold. The "official" cause was never broadcast, but according to British intelligence, it appears as though the cargo shifted as the plane was taking off, causing a chain reaction that ultimately put all the weight in the back of the plane--unrecoverable, even in the best case scenario. The base was on lockdown for several days, and communications were also cut off until next of kin notifications could be made. Just another reason why I can't wait to get the hell out of here.

On a good note, I have accepted a job working in Little Rock for NetGain Technologies as a Senior Systems Engineer--basically what I've been doing for the past 15+ years, but with some new things added in. New certifications will be required, as will a button-up shirt and dress pants. Ugh. But, I guess if they're going to pay me the gross amount that they're paying, I will wear their little outfit! I am looking forward to the new challenges and the change of scenery, as sand and rocks have really become quite maddening! I'm ready for trees, grass and real paved streets! Oh...and a speed limit that's more than 25kph (12.5mph).

I have my first car show the weekend of June 8-11, and that's going to be a lot of fun! The show is in Gatlinburg, TN (outlined in previous post), and it's just for Mopar! The Challenger has been sitting, waiting patiently in his garage until I return. I have a LOT of mods to bolt on when I get home, so the first week is going to be busy!

Other than that, not much else is going on. As I've said before, this place is like Groundhog Day every day--nothing ever changes. Eat, sleep, shit, shower...lather, rinse repeat. It's the same thing day in, day out. You can't go anywhere, you can't do anything. So you just exist in a vacuum until your time is up. And my time is up! So...I will close out for now. Perhaps I'll update when I'm en route to the US with pictures and whatnot. Maybe not. Not much to see here.

Until next time...

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