Monday, February 25, 2013

I say 'good bye' to my best friend

Lacee's last day, doing what she did best.
This is the post that I wish I would never have to type out. Our dog, Lacee, had lost the fight against old age. She was my best friend, my relentless companion, my walking partner, and my 'rug'. She could sleep through a hurricane, but at the first hint of food being put in her bowl, it was like she had bionic hearing. Her crunchies and green beans were her favorite--but, then again, what wasn't?

She was well-traveled, having made numerous trips to visit family in Missouri, as well as a long-distance road trip to Indiana last year. She rode like a champ, spending most of the time laying on her favorite pillow, looking around like Queen Astor. She was the best companion for traveling...or for anything.

Her condition started out as just a slight limp, but within a few days, she had become almost immobile. As with many big dog breeds, her back had issues, and there was nerve impingement and some pretty severe pain. It was inoperable because of her age, and simply because there wasn't much that could be done. Surgery would be extremely expensive, and the results were unpredictable, at best. So, after spending more than a week with several veterinarians, trying different therapies, drugs and shots, we had to make the decision that nobody wants to make.

Lacee's final moments in the vet's office. The towel was
used to help carry her back end, which no longer could
support her.

We took her to see Dr. Andrea Razer, whose tableside manner and gentle kindness had always been welcome, especially in a time like this. She offered her condolences, and her soft-spoken professionalism as she administered the final dose. Taarna (Madison) was there to assist, but in her true style, she bawled and squalled like a baby.

It was a very difficult time, and being 8,000 miles away made it extremely difficult for me. She was my closest friend, and to not be there for her or with her in her final moments is a regret that I won't soon live down. I am just glad that she was surrounded by those who loved her and whom she trusted.

It's never easy to lose your best friend, but if there was ever a poster pet for rescuing, Lacee would be it. The perfect dog with the perfect attitude. Never barked, never bit, and only wanted a scratch. I will miss you, Lacee...and you will never be forgotten.

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