Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The unforgiven

I'm mad. I mean, I am red-faced, bloodshot-eyed, gritted-teeth, clinched-fist PISSED. Why? Because of the actions of someone who claims to be family, but puts a condition on that family membership. That membership is exclusive of certain other members of another family--who just so happens to be linked to said family. Confused? I planned it that way so I won't be liable for any slanderous remarks. Therefore, I shall remain vague.

A child makes mistakes. Everyone knows this. It's life, and it's necessary. Parents also make mistakes. That's also life, and it's also necessary. Should the children be forced to pay for the mistakes their parents made? Should the children become pawns in a sick, twisted chess game with no winners--only losers? Children are meant to be a prodigy--a way to carry on the family name and the family genes. The love from their family should be unconditional and complete, regardless of the situation. You can hate what they do, what they become, or who they choose to spend their time with, but in the end, you love them...PERIOD.

However, in my 41 years, I have learned that "forgive" is a very strong word. I didn't say "forgive and forget", as you can never forget some things. You can work through can talk about can get past them. But you can likely never forget. I was afforded forgiveness time and time again through a very destructive era in my life, and in the meantime, I have become very tolerant to the screw-ups of others. Putting conditional love upon a child, regardless of the age, is so far from wrong, you can't even see 'wrong'. Yet, some have to live with it and figure out a way to explain it to young minds that don't understand. It is truly a sad, sad day.

If you've read carefully and put two and two together, this will make perfect sense to you. If you just 'read' it, you'll see a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, and that's fine. Just know that anyone that places conditions on the love of an immediate family member deserves nothing but the worst fate can deliver. An out of control bus, a lengthy but painful death, a crazed gunman--these are all fate's promise of justice.

Think about that. Until next time...

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