Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The anti-Christ inaugurated

So, it has really happened. Barack Hussein Osama Obama has moved into the Black House. I am still in shock. How could this happen? How could a douche bag poser like that actually fool people so well that he got elected as President? The man is a complete idiot, and all he's going to do is make a bad thing worse. Close down Guantanamo Bay? Are you KIDDING me? What do you intend to do with the imprisoned terrorists? Set them free? Give them a job? How about we move them into YOUR neighborhood and let YOU deal with them, you ignorant piece of shit!

Why? Why did it have to happen? Do I think the world will end? No. Do I have the answers? No. Is this slimeball the answer? NO!

Enough of this. I'm just sick. But ponder this last thought. It is now possible to burn every major population center in the entire country with just a single shot. Don't know what I mean? Think Watts. Think Rodney King. Until next time...

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