Thursday, August 07, 2008

Summer sucks

OK, so today is the first day in about two weeks that it hasn't been at or above 100º, and that just sucks. My 80 year old house has NO insulation in the walls, so the heat just kinda blows right in. We just spent $5000 getting a new air conditioner installed because the 22-year-old unit had rusted through and was leaving water rings on the ceiling (the AC is in the attic). Couple that with $4000 to have the house jacked up, blocked up, shored up and leveled up and the new kitchen/dining room that we've been working on all summer, and the tally is quite sobering. It's about a half-year's salary for me, so that seems to be a lot. The end result will be very nice and extremely functional, but damn...

School is about to start back up--my daughter will be starting the 10th grade, which officially makes me an old fart. I still remember the carefree days of fun and sun when I was that age. What the hell happened?

Other news in my life...let me see...Colts football has started up once again. I realize it's pre-season, but hey--it's FOOTBALL! I look forward to the first game that counts on Labor Day weekend! Now I have something to do when the remodeling is done on Sunday afternoons. Life is (about to be) good!

Enough for now. I'm looking forward to fall so I don't have to pay to run the AC all day and all night. I'll also be very busy at work when the fall semester hits, which is also a good thing. It's just time to get something going on besides remodeling. I'm very tired...of remodeling.

Until next time...

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