Friday, January 26, 2007

Colts finally make the Super Bowl

For anyone that has known me at all, you know that Sunday, February 4, 2007, is going to be a day that will live in infamy--at least for me! The Colts will finally make their first Super Bowl appearance since they moved to Indianapolis. You can bet your sweet ass that I will be posted dead center in front of the big screen in the living room, beer in one hand, Doritos in the other. To hell with eating healthy--it's the Colts! HOLY SHIT!

We have placed all of my Colts memorabilia around the house, including a full size Colts flag in front with a couple of smaller garden flags at the side of the house. There are Colts signs, photos, jerseys and T-shirts scattered about on the walls, and my lovely bride has even gotten into the spirit by allowing me to "decorate" in such a male fashion. Damn, I love that woman! :-)

Not a lot else to report. Things they are a-changin', but I dare not speak of these changes just yet. When the time is right, you'll know. There are plenty of people who feel the need to spout off to me via email about this or that. I welcome all comments, and if I like them (or I can make fun of them), I will even post them in here! Yeah, I know..."YIPPEE!"

OK, I'm outta here. Be sure you listen to "Blue Sunday" on the opening page. There is a really cool video that WISH-TV in Indianapolis made for it. You can see it at Check it out!

Until after the Super Bowl...

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