Friday, May 26, 2006

Moving Day 2006, part II

Have I told you how much I absolutely HATE moving? Is there anyone who actually enjoys it? Memorial Day weekend 2006 is also Moving Day weekend 2006; however, this is part II. What?

You see, for those who have been following along, part I came back in early January when I moved from Little Rock to Greenbrier in order to comply with the 'temporary' child custody order. The apartment has been home for 5 months, but now that school is out, it's time to move BACK to Little Rock...only to move (part III) again later this summer--back to Greenbrier! What?

It's a long, convoluted story that, if you haven't been keeping up thus far, would take far too long to tell in this forum. Needless to say, I must really love these kids to put myself and my shit through three moves in one year. Fortunately, that is the case! And what's even better is, their academic performance has really risen to the occasion. The 4th nine weeks, the grades were finally above 'C' level. I know it seems like a small accomplishment, but when you're given six months to undo six years worth of miseducation, this is a phenomenal improvement. Next year, stability will be increased with the fourth member of our family present--finally--and I expect nothing but great things.

I would say more, but it's late and we all have to get up early to try to beat this ungodly Arkansas heat. The high tomorrow is predicted to be 95ยบ, and I couldn't be less enthusiastic. So, have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. Maybe I'll get done in time to grill a Johnsonville Brat! Until next time...

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